Anti-Algae 5L

Liquid algae control agent that makes cloudy and milky water clear again. Anti-algae
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Content: 5 L

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Use the Anti-Algae O-Clear to rid your swimming pool of algae. These algae are caused by a combination of changes in the weather and incorrect water treatment. Always proceed with caution when dealing with algae. If you have algae in your water, first apply a shock treatment by adding chlorine granules. Then apply 500 ml O-Clear per 50 m³ pool water directly by spreading it across the water surface. The O-Clear causes the dirt to clump together and the algae to sink to the bottom. The algae can then be easily removed with a vacuum cleaner. It is important to keep the sand filter running at all times; continuous filtering will also ensure that the dirt dissolves more quickly. Always check the packaging for the proper dose and follow the safety instructions. Caution: Never mix this product with any other products as this could result in the release of hazardous (chlorine) gases. Keep closed and store in a cool, dry place.
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