FireGlobe Gas Grill | Eva Solo

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  • Gas grill
  • Sleek design by Eva Solo
  • For up to 16 people
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  • Gas grill
  • Sleek design by Eva Solo
  • For up to 16 people


The Eva Solo FireGlobe gas grill combines a beautiful design with a number of ingenious details that can be expected only from Eva Solo.

Special features of the FireGlobe gas grill

Three separate gas burners allow close temperature control during grilling. Moreover, the grid can also be used as a hot-air oven when placing the accompanying lid with integrated thermometer over the lid.

The FireGlobe Gas Grill is designed to act like a windshield, which is especially practical in windy conditions. The three aluminium legs provide stability. The integrated handle on the side provides ventilation during grilling, but never gets hot during use, so the gas grill can easily be moved around.

Storage facilities of the FireGlobe Gas Grill

The complete gas grill is easy to store away and does not take up much space. The lid can be hung from the handle. The legs can be removed after use, so that the gas grill takes up less height.

You can also protect the Gas Grill with a protective cover. It is in fact advisable to protect your FireGlobe gas grill from wind, rain, and sun. The cover is made of black, durable and waterproof plastic and can easily be placed on and removed from the grill. Note: these covers are available separately.

Advantages and drawbacks of a gas grill:

  • Heats up quicker: 10 to 15 minutes
  • Easy temperature control: Can easily be raised or lowered, but also remains constant.
  • Easier to clean: only the grid needs to be cleaned after each use, the gas burners require only occasional cleaning.
  • No damage to clothes caused by charcoal
  • No difference in taste compared to grilling on a charcoal grill
  • No flames caused by dripping fat
  • Gas grills produce less waste and are more environment friendly
  • No smoke, no stinking clothes

Drawbacks of a gas grill:

  • Lower temperatures: the max. temperature of a charcoal grill is 400°C, that of a gas grill is 'only' 300°C.
  • More expensive

Technical Specifications

104 cm
68 cm
Grid diameter
58 cm
Black enamelled steel, aluminium (legs) and bakelite (handles)
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