Cast-iron Patio Heater by Esschert Design - 104 cm

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  • Black cast-iron patio heater
  • Height of 104 cm
  • Enjoy longer summer evenings in the garden
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  • Black cast-iron patio heater
  • Height of 104 cm
  • Enjoy longer summer evenings in the garden



  • Cast-iron patio heater 

o   Long service life

o   Warmth for everyone

  • Classic, stylish design: ideal for a country garden
  • Decorative and creates ambience
  • The longer chimney ensures smoke is channelled away effectively

o   Little to no smoke in the eyes

  • Features a heat-resistant coating
  • Ideal during long summer evenings with friends
  • Lid (against rain) and manual included


  • The patio heater will corrode because of rain and fire

The patio heater S by Esschert Design is a beautiful patio heater that looks great in every garden. Thanks to the patio heater's long chimney, you'll hardly notice the smoke. It comes with a matching lid so you can protect the patio heater against the incoming rain. You do need to remove the lid when burning to allow the smoke to escape.

Because the patio heater is made of cast iron, you can enjoy this outdoor heater for years. Another characteristic of cast iron is that it conducts heat very effectively. Even if you're sitting behind the heater, you'll still feel nice and warm. The only disadvantage of cast iron is that, like all other metals, it could rust because of rain and fire.

The appearance of this patio heater can best be described as classic. This makes the heater ideally suited for country gardens. In a modern landscaped garden, the patio heater can serve as an attractive contrast element.

A patio heater like this is an ideal gift and is guaranteed to add ambience to your evening when entertaining outside.

Technical Specifications

Total height
104 cm
39 cm
Pipe diameter
ø 18-21 cm
Cast iron
32,50 kg
Esschert Design
Could rust
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