Flocculant in bags (1 box = 1.25 kg or 10 bags). Precipitates all dissolved particles, resulting in clear swimming pool water.
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Contents: 10 x 125 g


HTH Flocfix is the ideal flocculant with which to precipitate all dissolved particles. Your vacuum cleaner then does the rest, so that you again have clear water. By slowly dissolving in the skimmer, this flocculant constantly improves the filtration of your pool water.

You slowly dissolve the flocculant in the pool skimmers. For a 50 m³ swimming pool, you need about 1 bag per week. This dosage always varies from pool to pool, and depends on factors such as the weather and the location of your pool.

The flocculant is packed in separate bags, so that you are never in direct contact with the chemical.  You will therefore not experience its irritant effect.

Note: Use this flocculant only after you have installed a sand or glass filter, otherwise these cartridges will not produce the desired effect.

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