Kerlis Mattress - Foam - White - 180 x 67 x 4 cm

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  • Floating mattress
  • Foam
  • 180 x 67 x 4 cm
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  • Floating mattress
  • White
  • Foam
  • 180 x 67 x 4 cm
  • Easy to store
  • No risk of leaks


This white mattress is made completely of foam and feels very comfortable. The foam mattress is extremely popular because of its impeccable quality.  Forget the typical air mattress, this foam mattress is much more comfortable and luxurious than a standard air mattress.

Because the foam is so comfortable, you can use the mattress both in and by the swimming pool. As a result, this mattress has been the best-selling mattress in the United States for 20 years.

The unique foam ensures that your air mattress can never break. And it cannot leak, of course.

Technical Specifications

180 x 67 x 4 cm
Very thick vinyl-coated foam
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€ 149.00