Winterpackage with gizzmos and pole of 4.5m

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  • Complete winterpackage
  • Includes winterizing product, skimming net, brush, 2 gizzmos, 5 icebreakers and telescopic pole of 4.5m.
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  • 1 x Winterizing product for swimming pools
  • 1 x skimming net with bag
  • 1 x strengthened brush
  • 1 x telescopic pole of 4.5m
  • 2 x gizzmos
  • 5 x icebreakers


Winterizing Product 5L

This winterising product makes your pool ready for the winter! This product keeps the pool water stable so that it can be started up more easily after the winter.

It has a disinfecting effect and prevents mould and mildew build-up. The winterising product also keeps the formation of algae under control. This product contains a preservative to extend its shelf life.

For the best results, add 1 l of winterising product per 40 m³ before the start of the winter season.

Skimming net with bag

This skimming net has an extra large bag allowing you to remove more debris from the pool in one pass. This skimming net is particularly handy when there are lots of leaves in the water. A telescopic pole can be used to make cleaning even easier.

Strengthened brush

A swimming pool brush for scrubbing the pool, strengthened with aluminium to make the brush more durable. This swimming pool brush fits easily onto your telescopic pole, allowing the dirt to be loosened easily and quickly.

The aluminium strengthening allows you to apply more pressure and to scrub more thoroughly.

Telescopic Pole 4.5m

This Mega Pool aluminium telescopic pole fits all pool vacuum heads and skimming nets, making it quick and easy to use these products. This extendable telescopic pole greatly facilitates maintenance of your swimming pool. This telescopic pole has a reach of 4.5 m.

2 Gizzmos

This Gizzmo helps prevent frost damage to skimmers. The Gizzmo simply screws onto the skimmer using the screw thread. It is absolutely essential to fit the Gizzmo before the frost sets in.

5 Icebreakers

Place these icebreakers diagonally across the pool. The icebreakers support the winter tarpaulin during snowfall, thereby preventing damage to the tarpaulin and the swimming pool.

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