Standard skimmer for liner swimmingpools

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  • Astral skimmer
  • For liner swimming pools
  • Standard opening: 19 cm by 14 cm
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  • Astral skimmer
  • For liner swimming pools
  • Standard opening: 19 cm by 14 cm


This Astral skimmer for liner swimming pools ensures optimal filtration of the surface water. The skimmer with standard opening continuously sucks in the surface water and sends it to the filter, which improves the water quality significantly, so that you get even greater enjoyment from your swimming pool.

This Astral standard skimmer, in white ABS, has a recommended flow rate of 5,000 l per hour. We therefore recommend installing one skimmer per 25m² water surface area in order to ensure the ideal operational conditions.

You can also connect your manual vacuum cleaner to this skimmer using the vacuum cleaner connection. Make sure, however, that the skimmer basket is still in the skimmer, otherwise problems with the sand filter system may occur.

The skimmer comes with self-adhesive seals, flanges and screw kit. In addition, all the components are UV resistant.

Technical Specifications

Recommended flow rate
5,000 L per hour
Recommended number
1 skimmer per 25 m² water surface area
Skimmer opening
20 cm length x 13 cm width
Skimmer height
50 cm
Skimmer length
40 cm
Skimmer diameter
23 cm
Water outlet connection diameter
Overflow connection
4 cm
Skimmer basket connection
Bayonet connection
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149,94 €