Poolsel – Swimming pool salt 25 kg

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  • 25 kg salt for pools
  • For the production of chlorine through electrolysis
  • Purity level: 99.8%
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  • 25 kg salt for swimming pools
  • For the production of chlorine through (pool salt) electrolysis
  • Purity level: 99.8%


Salt for swimming pools for the production of chlorine through (pool salt) electrolysis. Very pure refined sea salt with low sulphate content and no additives. POOLSEL swimming pool salt is not suitable for membrane electrolysis.

  • specially developed for swimming pools
  • no additives, no anti-caking agent (E535/536)
  • based on very pure sea salt
  • ideal particle size for rapid dissolution
  • to prevent bacterial and algae growth
  • enhanced swimming comfort

Poolsel salt for swimming pools guarantees enhanced swimming comfort and contributes to safer use of your swimming pool. It guarantees more pleasant water to swim in. Water with an optimal salt concentration prevents dry skin and stinging eyes. The water feels softer and is less aggressive to the skin. The water has a larger buffer capacity whereby the pH level becomes more stable.

Technical Specifications

25 kg
Purity level


For water feeling soft on the skin: Add 5 to 9 kg Poolsel per m³ pool water.

Store in a dry, clean place.

POOLSEL meets the new Biocides Regulation* and the new EN 16401 standard.

* Only salt that is included in the list of registered products may still be used for electrochlorination. All measures have been taken to ensure compliance with the new regulation and POOLSEL is a registered product.

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