If you want to enjoy a good swimming pool, you need to clean it regularly. Don’t panic, if you have a large swimming pool, you do not have to drain it out.

A swimming pool without a filter will soon turn into a dirty mess. Without a filter pump, the bacteria and dirt will remain in the swimming pool.

Before you build a swimming pool, you first need to consider the costs of maintaining the pool. Only then can you realistically assess the cost of a swimming pool.

Looking for a nice or original Christmas present? Perhaps the following present tips will be the perfect surprise for this pool owner. They are listed in different price ranges.

And what about all those chemicals? Aren't they bad for our health? The above are some frequently asked questions.

The performance of technical equipment may deteriorate as a result of wear and tear and ageing. This also applies for filter pumps.

Usually, the chlorine and pH value changes quickly if you add a product to the swimming pool. But we often receive queries from customers who don’t see any change after adding products.

Did you know that heating your pool with solar energy is not only green, but cost effective, too? It also extends swimming season!

It is often a challenge to maintain your swimming pool after it has just been completed.

Robotic pool cleaners are more than a really useful gadget for swimming pool owners.