Everything for a clean pool

chlorine tablets
Winterising product 5 L
Automatic pool cleaner
Liquid chlorine
Electronic tester for water quality
Black metal fire bowl with sturdy base frame
Winter pool covers

Winter pool covers

Pool robots

Dolphin pool robots

Spa & Jacuzzi

Everything for your jacuzzi

How often does the swimming pool need chlorine?

Maintaining a swimming pool seems easy. But you have to add the right quantity of chlorine to disinfect the pool water properly. Only in this way will you have a healthy swimming environment

How do you clean the jacuzzi?

You can considerably extend the life of your spa by maintaining it well. This maintenance also includes cleaning the jacuzzi. But what’s the best way to clean a jacuzzi?

How to make your swimming pool algae-free

How dangerous are the algae and how can you make the swimming pool algae-free?

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