FireGlobe outdoor fireplace – Eva Solo

Outdoor fireplace by Eva Solo with a unique design: More heat, more atmosphere, easy to use and no damage to patio or garden!

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Height: 75 cm

Diameter: 64 cm

Weight: 10kg

Colour: Matte black

Material: enamelled cast iron and stainless steel

Designer: Claus Jensen & Hendrik Holbaek, Tools

Brand: Eva Solo



- Smart Danish Design:
o More heat thanks to semi-circular shape
o Wind gets no chance
o Handle makes it easy to move

- Enjoy the garden all year round: spring, summer and even in autumn and winter!

- Exclusive design, not a standard fireplace everyone else already has

With the FireGlobe fireplace by Eva Solo you finally get to really enjoy your garden. Because of the matte cast iron, the flames of the fire truly come to life. Plus you can move this outdoor fireplace easily and safely on the patio or anywhere else in the garden thanks to the handle at the back.

The specific shape gives this fireplace more warmth than most other outdoor braziers. This way you get to enjoy your evening outside longer when the chill sets in. The unique semi-circular shape also shields the fire from the wind. Now you can enjoy this stylish outdoor fireplace both in the spring and summer, and during autumn and winter.

At the bottom of the FireGlobe outdoor fireplace is a removable grate that ensures good ventilation. The tripod base makes sure the fire is high enough above the ground. This gives you the advantage that your patio floor or grass isn't left scorched afterwards, in other words: Smart Danish Design!

Eva Solo brand

The Eva Solo brand dates back as far as 1913. Yet the brand name Eva Solo only gained true fame around 1952. With its very distinctive brand identity, Eva Solo is well known as Danish design for mainly everyday household products. The products of Eva Solo invariably meet three characteristics: beauty, quality and functionality!

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