Tropic Dream hammock - 200x120

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  • Two-person hammock
  • 180 kg maximum carrying capacity
  • Ideal for use by swimming pools and saunas
  • Extremely sturdy thanks to spreader bars
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  • Two-person hammock
  • 180 kg maximum carrying capacity
  • Ideal for use by swimming pools and saunas
  • Extremely sturdy thanks to spreader bars
  • Weatherproof
  • 200 cm long
  • 120 cm wide
  • Made of 100% textilene
  • Easy to clean


This tropical hammock from Amazonas is ideal for relaxing by the pool. The large surface area of the Tropic Dream hammock means that this hammock can even be enjoyed by two people together.

The hammock is also very user-friendly. The spreader bars at each end ensure that the hammock cannot fold together. This provides additional comfort and stability.

The hammock is made of 100% textilene, making it weatherproof. Textilene does not absorb any moisture and dries very quickly. So you will be able to enjoy this hammock for many years!

The textilene has a straw-like colour, enabling you to create the classic hammock look.

Including the fastening ropes, the hammock has a total length of 335 cm. The hammock weighs 2.9 kg and is therefore easy to carry.

You can choose to hang the hammock between two trees or opt for a stand. If you go for the option of hanging it from a tree, you will need some extra rope.

Make sure the hanging ropes run as straight as possible and do not twist or knot together.

The hammock has to sag in the middle and hang at a height of 20 - 40 cm above the ground when you’re lying in the hammock.

Most hammocks stretch by between 5 - 10%, something that should be borne in mind when hanging the hammock.

Once the hammock has been put up, you can start to relax! First, get in safely:

    1. Stand with your back to the hammock.
    2. Hold the hammock firmly with your hands
    3. Sit into the hammock
    4. Adopt a comfortable position

In a classic hammock, the most comfortable position is to lie diagonally. Before getting out, first put your legs outside the hammock.

To ensure longer durability, we advise you to dismantle the hammock in the winter and keep it in a plastic bag. This offers better protection against vermin in the garden or garden shed.

Note: N.B.: never put your feet in the hammock first, don’t do any gymnastic exercises in it and never put your head between the ropes.

Technical Specifications

Total length (including ropes)
335 cm
Fabric dimensions
200 x 120 cm
Minimum hanging height
140 cm
Maximum hanging height
300 cm
Carrying capacity
180 kg
2.9 kg
Suitable for
Two people
Spreader rods
100% textilene (weatherproof)
1 year
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