Liquid Chlorine 299-B 20L

Liquid chlorine or Chloorstabil for swimming pool maintenance delivered directly to your home!  This liquid chlorine is mostly used for automated dosing.

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Only for delivery in Belgium

Contents: 25 L

13% active chlorine


  • Sodium hypochlorite

Authorisation number: 299-B

Weight: 30 kg

UN number: 1791

Density at 20 °C= 1.22 kg/litre

Dosage for swimming pool water = 8 ml/m³ = 1 ppm active chlorine

Melting/Freezing point: -6 °C

Poison control centre: 070/245.245

Store this product safely in a dry and dark place at a constant low temperature


Chloorstabil or liquid chlorine is used to ensure the correct level of chlorine in a swimming pool. These containers are mostly used for automated dosing but can also be used for shock chlorination treatment.

Liquid chlorine is suitable for use in public swimming pools and spas, unlike chlorine tablets and granules which are stabilised.


  • Suitable for dosing equipment
  • Can also be used without chlorine dosing equipment
  • Faster action on water quality than chlorine tablets or granules
  • Available in large packaging sizes

Besides these advantages there are some minor points. Chloorstabil cannot be stored for as long, since chlorine gas will be produced over time. Furthermore it is more difficult to manually dose Chloorstabil.

For manual dosing of Chloorstabil, sufficient safety precautions should be taken. This liquid chlorine can cause white blemishes on clothing.  Additionally, splashing the product is dangerous due to its strong chemical composition.


Liquid chlorine, or Chloorstabil, can be ordered via our webshop and delivered to your home. We are obliged to invoice a cost price of €20 per delivery. Transport is provided by drivers who have received specific training in the handling of these dangerous products.  The transport costs remain the same regardless of the size of your order.

All Chloorstabil deliveries take place within 5 working days. The transporter will contact you for this delivery. This way it is convenient for you to be at home at the time of the delivery. After your order you will receive a separate email confirming the delivery.

Empty containers

Chloorstabil or liquid chlorine is sold in black containers of 25 litres. The containers are guaranteed. You therefore need to pay a deposit to use the containers. But when you return the empty containers, you will be reimbursed €8.68 per container.

If you select home delivery, you can return the empty containers at the same time.  We will then organise swift reimbursement. Please indicate the return of empty containers in advance and provide us with the bank account details for the reimbursement.

It is essential that someone is home when the empty containers are collected. Furthermore, only identical containers will be accepted. Containers in different colours or sizes will not be accepted and will not be reimbursed.

Take extra care with biocides and read the label and product information thoroughly before first using the product.

Seller authorisation no. 12027

The buyer confirms having been informed about the dangers that the delivered products can pose, and the precautions that should be taken during use.  The buyer undertakes to use the products on his/her own account, and only for professional purposes, and to store the products in a secure place.

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