pH Aqua Plus 5 kg

To be added to water with too low a pH (pH < 7.2) in order to return the pH level to normal.
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Contents: 5 kg

Rapidly dissolving powder (granules)

To be added when pH < 7.2 pH


The pH level is the key to the quality of your pool water. If you want to add other products to your pool water, you must first ensure that it has the correct pH value.

If the pH value of your pool water is too low, you can raise it with 'pH Aqua Plus'. pH Aqua Plus ensures that you can swim in comfort and also increases the efficiency of the disinfection system.

pH Aqua Plus should be added when the pH level of your pool water is less than pH 7.2. Chlorine granules, chlorine shock or chlorine tables can only be added when the pH value is correct.

Caution: Never mix pH Aqua Plus with chlorine products, as this may cause hazardous (chlorine) gases to be released. Make sure to leave enough time between using pH Aqua Plus and adding a chlorine product. This time is needed to filter the water and the pH product.


Dissolve the granules in a bucket of water and distribute this mixture over the pool surface.

Check the pH value weekly or more frequently in hot weather or if the swimming pool is frequently used. You can check the water quality using our test kits.

The pH Aqua Plus ensures optimal water quality at all times.

The following schedule can be used for the addition of pH Aqua Plus:


20 m³

50 m³

75 m³

100 m³

Per m³

7.2 to 7.6



Ideal value



6.8 to 7.2

180 g

450 g

700 g

900 g

9 g

6.5 to 6.8

240 g

600 g

900 g

1200 g

12 g

pH < 6.5

300 g

750 g

1100 g

1500 g

15 g


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