Benamic - Aquafitness

42,00 €
  • Aquatic fitness ring
  • For training the upper body
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Need to know

  • Aquatic fitness ring
  • For training the upper body


Suitable for:

  • Games and recreation
  • Can be used for a variety of training exercises thanks to the multiple hold options
  • Upper body training
  • Endurance training
  • To improve coordination
  • To improve flexibility

The BEnamic is the ultimate aqua fitness product for training the upper body. The BEnamic can be used for aqua fitness in deep or shallow water.

The BEnamic has low buoyancy and low water resistance. The BEnamic is made out of EVA foam and is easy to hold. The numerous different ways to hold this product make it possible to do a range of different exercises thus targeting difference muscles and muscle groups.

This product's low buoyancy helps to keep you stable when exercising in shallow water. 


Technical Specifications

45 cm
24 cm
EVA foam
42,00 €