Stainless steel, halogen lamp

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  • Only suitable for concrete pools.
  • Stainless steel fixture
  • Power: 300 W
  • Size: Par 56
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  • Only suitable for liner pools.
  • Power supply: 12 V AC
  • Power: 300 W
  • Size: Par 56
  • Stainless steel fixture


It is important to choose the right lighting for your swimming pool. It will indeed to a large extent determine the atmosphere of your pool in the evening, which is typically the time when friends, family or neighbours drop by. You should therefore make a well-considered decision!

This underwater light contains a 300 W lamp with a stainless steel fixture and complies with all regulations for underwater lighting. It is a safe and robust lamp that is a lot cheaper than a LED lamp. Like any underwater light, it operates at a voltage of 12 V.
Note: this halogen lamp operates only on AC.

The fixture for this halogen lamp is made of stainless steel, which brings added value to the swimming pool. Furthermore, it fits in perfectly with your modern house.

The advantage of this halogen lighting is the natural colour. The light emitted by this halogen lamp with a stainless steel fixture is warmer than the bright white light of LED lighting. The interior lining of your pool also plays a key role in the colour of your light. The effect of your lighting will therefore differ depending on whether you choose a grey or a white liner. Apart from white LED lighting, there is also colour LED lighting, which is a nice alternative to this halogen lamp.

This halogen lamp costs much less than LED lighting, which is another major advantage. Various variants of each of these types of lighting can be found in this webshop.

This halogen lamp consumes more power than the more energy efficient LED lighting. It has also a substantially shorter lifetime than LED lighting. As you can see, a halogen lamp also has a number of drawbacks. From a price-quality point of view, however, it is still a good investment for your swimming pool.

Note: This product is designed solely for use in concrete swimming pools. If you have a liner pool, we recommend this alternative halogen lighting.

Technical Specifications

Power supply
12 V AC
300 W
Par 56
The Recupel waste recycling charge is included in the price.
Excellent price-quality ratio
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1.045,25 €