5 trends in pool construction

The look and appearance of a swimming pool has and will always be important.  Today, sleek pools are in great demand. A long pool is often preferred over a wide pool. In some cases this yields a pool that is 21m in length and only 3.8m in width. Such a pool is referred to as a swimming channel.

To enhance the sleek design of the pool, you can opt to use the terrace tiles also as liner for the pool. Highly recommended!

Seating area (beach) in the pool

Seating area (beach) in the pool

Most pools are fitted with an automatic pool roller cover, which is truly indispensable! Not only does it keep out dirt and debris, it has above all a positive effect on the pool heating energy bill.

It is, however, not always easy to elegantly integrate such a roller cover into the design. Our customers often opt for a wooden cover or a cover made up of loose terrace tiles. A third option is to incorporate the roller cover as a seating area into the pool. In this way, you create, as it were, a sort of beach area in the pool. It's always fun to sit in the water!

Infinity pools

Infinity pools

Infinity pools give you an endless view. The water of an infinity pool flows over one or more edges of the pool.  The owner often chooses a glass wall in order to enhance the effect.  The result looks very stylish but it is also an architectural gem.

The visual effect of such an infinity pool is caused by the "vanishing edge" of the pool, because the edge of the landscape pool is located at the level of the water surface.

An infinity pool works best in a location where the edge of the pool seems to merge with a larger water area such as the sea, or with the horizon when the pool is located on a hill or in a green area.

Concealed pools with movable floors

A pool with a movable floor gives you an enormous amount of freedom. First of all, you don't lose the space taken up by the pool. In just a few minutes, you can turn your pool into a regular terrace that you can safely walk on.

There is not only the space saving, the pool is also properly insulated. This cover also scores very high in terms of safety and effortlessly meets the stringent requirements of Belgian and French safety legislation. 

With such a movable floor, you can choose yourself how deep you want your pool to be. A kiddie pool that is only 10cm deep can, after a few minutes, be used as 1.6m deep swimming pool.

The stairs are lowered along with the floor. From one step for a baby paddling pool over a few steps for a shallow pool to all steps for a full depth pool. In other words, total freedom!

Total finish: it's the details that matter

Total finish: it's the details that matter

he quality of a pool builder is reflected in the finish of his pools.  It's also the details that make the difference in the design of the pool. That is why during the design of the pool, we also pay attention to, for example, the matching of the joints of the pool edge with the liner and with the terrace around the pool.

For the choice of material, we attach great importance to the choice of liner, lighting, mounting parts, pool edge, etc. in order to obtain the ideal appearance and atmosphere for your pool.

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