How do you hang a hammock in your garden?

How do you hang a hammock in your garden?

How do you hang a hammock in your garden?

Useful tips for hanging your hammock

For the sake of safety and comfort, it is very important to hang your hammock properly. To help you with this, we have prepared a few tips for you.

Where should you hang your hammock?

The location of your hammock is important for your comfort. You should also take the sun into account. Is the hammock in the shade and will it still be in the shade in an hour? Then you’ve found a great place to relax.

You then need to hang the hammock between two trees or two other suspension points. Finally, you also have the option of hanging the hammock in a hammock stand. You can then move move the hammock whenever you want. That is an attractive advantage.

Where should you hang your hammock?

How do you hang the hammock between two trees?

The classic way to hang a hammock is between two trees. This provides you with more shade in hot weather, and is also the most enjoyable way. Before you hang the hammock, we advise you to first check the strength of the trees.

  • Is the tree strong enough to bear the weight?
  • Can I be sure I won’t cause any harm to nature?
  • Is the tree wide enough?

To hang your hammock between two trees, you will need a piece of rope. You can easily remove it again after use. Make sure the rope cannot slip down by tying it above a branch.

The distance between the trees should be at least 3 metres. Wrap the rope around the tree and and make a double loop through it from the other end. Pull tight onto the bark and tie your hammock onto the hanging loop.

If you only have one tree, you can place a sturdy pole of around 3 metres in the garden. Make sure there is sufficient distance. To span greater distances, you can extend your hammock using an extra piece of rope. Shortening a hammock is unfortunately not possible.

The ideal distance between two suspension points

The ideal distance between two suspension points

The ideal distance between the suspension points for your hammock depends on the type of hammock. If you have a hammock with a spreader bar, it is best to hang it as tight as possible between two points. You can hang a hammock with a spreader bar at a height of 120 to 140 cm.

A hammock without a spreader bar should be hung at eye level, i.e. at a height of around 1.8 metres. If you use extra ropes, you will have to hang these even higher. In this way, the ends of your hammock will remain at eye level.

Make sure the suspension points are roughly at the same height to improve stability. When secured correctly, the lowest part of the hammock should hang 40 - 50 cm above the ground.

It is better for the space or distance between two suspension point to be too great rather than too little. Adding extra rope is always possible, shortening the hammock isn’t.

You should also take account of the future and make sure, for example, that you can also hang a double hammock between the same two trees later.

Finally, you should also take into account that a hammock will stretch the more you use it.

Why buy a hammock stand?

A hammock stand has a number of important advantages:

  1. Easy to move
  2. Easy to install
  3. Always at the right height
  4. Safe

Sometimes, the garden is not suitable for hanging a hammock. The trees are too small or the position of the trees is not ideal for relaxing in the shade.

Why buy a hammock stand?

In that case, a hammock stand can be a good solution. You simply place the stand wherever you want. You can fully install it in just a few minutes and then you are always at the right height lying in your hammock. Finally, a hammock stand is also safe. You can be sure that the stand will bear your weight.

A wooden stand also has a very natural look. Especially as our stands are weather-resistant. All you need to do is set it up at the beginning of spring and take it down after the summer. The whole job takes just 10 minutes.

Before you order a wooden stand for your hammock, you should check the length of the stand. You have to be sure, of course, that the hammock fits the stand. You can make most stands a bit longer or shorter, so it is not necessary to order additional fastening material.