HTH Borkler Gel

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  • Cleans the waterline of your pool
  • In gel form
  • Contents : 1 liter
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  • Cleans the waterline of your pool
  • In gel form
  • Contents : 1 liter


Borkler Gel can be used to clean the waterline of your pool. This product is suitable for use in a pool, but can also be used for intensive maintenance.

In gel form:

This waterline cleaner is a gel formula that maximises effectiveness by adhering more effectively to the walls. The gel removes lime scale on the waterline without causing excessive foaming in the pool.

This product can be used on any swimming pool material; the gel will even partially restore dull coatings to their original shine and colour.

No scrubbing is necessary with this product, a simple wipe with a sponge is sufficient.

The Borkler Gel has not adverse effects on the filtration of your water.

Technical Specifications

1 liter


  1. Lower the water level by 5 to 10 cm. Then apply the product with a sponge and allow to sit for 5 minutes.
  2. Thoroughly rinse with water.
  3. If necessary, adjust the pH value of the pool water.
    (pH  7.4 is the optimal value)

The dosage depends on the contamination of the pool edge. Repeat this process several times if necessary.

Avoid contact with aluminium, stainless steel and the coping stones of your pool.  Biocides should always be used safely! Before use, read the label and the product information, which takes precedence over the information given here.

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