A great staycation with these 7 budget-friendly tips.

1. Read or listen to a good book

Go to the library and get a stack of books for a relaxing read by the pool. If you prefer to read with your eyes closed, you can find heaps of free podcasts or audiobooks on apps like Spotify. And you can listen in different languages.

Read or listen to a good book
Tourist in your own neighbourhood

2. Tourist in your own neighbourhood

Enough lazing about, hire a Vespa! Explore the area by bike or moped; you'll suddenly see your own neighbourhood in a whole new light. Of course, as befits a real tourist, you should take a picnic basket along filled with goodies. To make the experience complete, maybe learn a few words of Italian to call out while on the Vespa. Ciaooo Tutti!

3. Day tripping is the best

Head for Bruges or Ghent and cruise the canals like a real day tripper. You'll feel like you're really in Venice. Waving to the people along the shore is de rigueur, posing beside the skipper is an added bonus.

4. Have fun with water

Fill up water balloons, buckets and water pistols and transform your garden into a fun battlefield. Flip the garden table on its side, hide behind the wheelbarrow or use the lid of the bin as a shield. The last person to get wet is the winner. And the losers? They get to cook!

Have fun with water
Go camping in the garden

5. Go camping in the garden

Singing camping songs, telling horror stories and roasting marshmallows on a fire, can life get any better than that? Just pitch the tent in your own backyard, put jungle sounds on in the background and imagine being on safari. And watch out for lions on the prowl!

6. Summer evening fun and games

We all know that sultry summer evenings are never a sure thing in our small Belgian nation. So it's wise to keep some board games ready, like Twister, Monopoly or just a deck of cards, for an evening full of good old-fashioned fun. And remember, no cheating! ;-)

Summer evening fun and games
Set your alarm and be first by the pool

7. Set your alarm and be first by the pool

We've got one last tip to make your staycation a holiday to remember. Make sure to get the best spot next to the pool by setting the alarm really early and laying your towel on a sun lounger. You can even turn it into a game of musical chairs with your family. And the sleepy head who misses the last spot? Tough luck, because that's who'll be the waiter for that day!
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