How do I prepare my swimming pool for the summer?

Spring is officially in the air, birds are whistling their courtship tunes, the sun is once again warming our skins and swimming pool owners are removing the winter covers from the pools. And what they see is not always pleasant. We'd like to pass on a few tips from our swimming pool technical experts.

The great spring clean of the swimming pool

The first part of the summer or spring preparation of your swimming pool is the so-called 'hard work'. Cleaning out the roller shutter compartment if there is one, hosing down the roller, removing the leaves with a good leaf net, it's all part of the job and ensures you get rid of all the large dirt particles from your pool.

Also, cleaning the water line and sucking up the debris from the swimming pool floor are among the first chores of the spring maintenance. Nobody really likes this part of the job, but it can actually be quite relaxing. Make sure you set aside enough time and clean it thoroughly, which will make the weekly cleaning a lot easier. Because a good start is incredibly important.


Getting the technical installation up and running

The swimming pool now reflects beautifully in the sun, but the spring cleaning isn't over yet. Firstly, the water is still way too cold, except maybe for polar bears ;-)! Next thing to do is start up the heating. The ideal time to do this depends on the type of heating system.

For pools with a heat pump, it's better to wait until the last frost at night is gone, which is usually around the end of April. Because as long as there's frost, the heat pump can't heat the water sufficiently. What's more, the water cools down too much during the night, even with the very best swimming pool covers.

It's best to programme the filter to operate at least 12 hours a day, which will make sure your swimming pool water is completely clear and stays that way. Also, it is of vital importance to thoroughly rinse through the filter of your pool during the spring clean. If the water in your pool is green, however, first add the cleaning chemicals needed before rinsing through the filter.


PH first, the rest comes later!

In order to improve the water quality in your swimming pool, you first have to know in how good or bad a state your pool is. 

The first value you need to get absolutely right is the pH value. Your other products will only show any results after this value is correct. If the pH value is too low, add pH Plus. If your pH value is too high, you guessed it, add pH Min. Sometimes maintaining the swimming pool is surprisingly simple!

After the pH value, it's time to check the chlorine level. If these 2 values are correct, there is no need for you to check the other values. Only if your water is green or brown, it's important that you also check all other parameters.

To make the water in your pool sparklingly clear, you can add a flocculant to the water. What this product does is take all the dirt particles that make your pool cloudy and sink them to the bottom. Then just let the cleaning robot do its job and the water is once again crystal clear!

Do you have any tips? Please let us know!
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