How should you clean a swimming pool?

How to clean your swimming pool

The dirt can be removed from the pool floor by using a manual swimming pool vacuum cleaner. You can find out how to use a manual swimming pool vacuum cleaner below.

  • First of all, attach the manual vacuum cleaner to the telescopic handle. Use the simple click system to do this.
  • Then slide the floating hose onto the suction point of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Place the vacuum cleaner in the corner of the swimming pool and lower the vacuum cleaner together with the hose to the bottom of the pool.
  • Now grasp the vacuum cleaner hose at the water line. Push the hose down below the water line vertically metre by metre until you reach the end of the hose. This will vent the vacuum cleaner hose. If you don’t do this, your swimming pool pump will be damaged.
  • After venting the vacuum cleaner hose, you can connect the hose to the vacuum cleaner connector or the skimmer. If you wish, you can use a Skimvac for this. You can then leave the filter basket in place.
  • To be able vacuum well, the entire suction power must go to the vacuum cleaner connection point. It may be necessary to close certain pipes temporarily, e.g. when using skimmers or floor cleaners. You can close these pipes with the help of the ball valves on the filter installation.

So now everything is ready to clean the pool. Go over the floor of the swimming pool with the vacuum cleaner and suck up the dirt. Try to stir up the other dirt as little as possible. So proceed carefully.

If you notice that the suction power of the vacuum cleaner is reduced, backwash the sand filter. This will clean the sand filter. After a few minutes, the suction power will be good again and you can carry on cleaning the pool.

Once the floor of the swimming pool is clear, backwash again and reset the filter to its original position. Remove the manual vacuum cleaner and the floating hose and reset the ball valves to their original position. Jump into the pool and enjoy!

Do you find this system too complicated or do you not want to waste time vacuuming the swimming pool? Then take a look at our pool cleaning robots. These automatic swimming pool cleaners make the pool spick and span without the owner having to do anything.

How to clean your swimming pool

You will sometimes detect white scale on the wall of the swimming pool at the water line. You can clean this off easily using a sponge and HTH Borkler Gel. This is a product specifically designed to remove lime scale.

To do this, let the water level drop a few centimetres. Put the product on the sponge and rub it over the lime scale on the water line.

Ideally, let the product take effect for a few minutes before rinsing it off with the swimming pool water. Then top the pool water up again. This product is not hazardous, so you can carry on swimming immediately.

How to clean the water in the swimming pool

Keeping the swimming pool clean means more than just cleaning the floor and the water line. You also have to filter the water sufficiently. In summer, we advise a minimum of 12 hours filtering per day. This will filter out all dirt particles as quickly as possible.

To keep the water quality healthy, you need to add maintenance products to the swimming pool. First ensure that the acidity or pH value is correct. To be able to swim in the pool, the pH should be between 7.0 and 7.6, with an ideal value of 7.2.


For this, you should test the water quality with a test kit. If necessary, add pH Plus or pH Min to the water.

The swimming pool also needs to be disinfected against bacteria. To do this, you can add chlorine to the water. The ideal chlorine value for an outdoor pool in the garden is 1mg/l. You can easily check this using your test kit.

You should easily be able to keep your swimming pool clean by following the tips set out above. If you still have a problem, please do not hesitate to contact us. Investing a bit of time every week in keeping your swimming pool clean means that you’ll never have that much work. Putting the maintenance off and only doing it once a month will cost you a lot more time in the end.