Mega quick chlorine granules - 5 kg

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  • 5kg chlorine granules
  • Dissolves quickly
  • Contains cyanuric acid
  • Only suitable for private swimming pools
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  • 5kg chlorine granules
  • Dissolves quickly
  • Contains cyanuric acid
  • Only suitable for private swimming pools
  • Use biocides safely. Before use, read the label and product information.


Mega quick chlorine is a fast dissolving chlorine product, making it suitable for shock chlorination. It can, however, also be used for maintenance. Always check the pH value of the water first, as the correct pH value is required for the chlorine to be effective.

These chlorine granules disinfect the pool water and rid it of algae and bacteria. This product is only suitable for private swimming pools.

Difference with Willy Naessens chlorine granules

Both chlorine products are of comparably high quality. While the fast-acting chlorine produces somewhat better results for shock treatment, the chlorine granules supplied by Willy Naessens are rather more suitable for day-to-day maintenance.

The differences are small, however. Depending on the reason why you want to use the chlorine granules, one product can be slightly better suited than the other.

Technical Specifications

5kg chlorine granules
Remark 1
Only suitable for private swimming pools
Remark 2
Not compatible with an ionisator or an automatic dosing unit


Before you add the chlorine granules to the water, check the pH value of your water, which should be between pH 7.2 and 7.6. If necessary, add pH-min or pH-plus.

Dissolve the granules in a bucket before distributing the quick chlorine evenly across the entire water surface. Preferably open the pack in open air but out of the wind.

Follow the dosing instructions on the packaging; they indicate clearly the amount of chlorine granules to be added. Also make sure that the water is filtered after you have added chlorine to the pool water. This will improve the effectiveness of the chlorine.

Check the chlorine content of your water at regular intervals, preferably weekly. The ideal value lies between 1 and 2 mg per litre water (> 1 ppm and < 2 ppm). Use one of our test kits to perform this check.

We recommend that you always check the chlorine content before using your swimming pool. If the chlorine value exceeds 2 ppm, it is better not to swim in the water. Where this is the case, you should wait until the value has dropped.

The product dosage depends on the use and temperature of the swimming pool. Weather conditions and the location of the pool may also affect the water quality.

Follow the safety instructions and keep the product away from children.

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