Dolphin M600 pool robot

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  • The most complete pool robot
  • Cleans floor, walls and water line
  • With filter basket (suitable for all seasons)
  • Control via MyDolphin app (always online)
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  • The most complete pool robot
  • Cleans floor, walls and water line
  • With filter basket (suitable for all seasons)
  • Control via MyDolphin app (always online)
  • 4 different cleaning programmes
  • Unique brush system for better performance
  • Features a swivel to stop the cable from getting tangled up
  • Fast, manoeuvrable robot thanks to the dual-drive Powerstream system
  • Accurate navigation system with gyroscope
  • Filter-full indicator
  • Pick-up module
  • Storage caddy included
  • 3 year warranty except for wear parts (such as bearings, filters, brushes, belts, swivel, ...).


The Dolphin M600 pool robot is the most complete pool robot Maytronics has ever brought onto the market. It combines the strengths of the S range with those of the M range. In addition, the robot has been finished with a number of unique features.

The most user-friendly robot:

The M600 pool robot from Dolphin excels in user-friendliness. It is very easy to operate the pool robot via the MyDolphin app. The new Cloud connection in the robot's power supply ensures that you have access to your pool robot any time and anywhere: via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or the Cloud connection.

Choice of 4 cleaning programmes:

  • Fast: quick cleaning cycle
  • Standard: Standard cleaning of floor, walls and water line.
  • Ultra Clean: Advanced programme for very thorough pool cleaning.
  • Floor only: cleaning programme for cleaning the floor only.

Notifications: The M600 will indicate automatically when the filter basket is full and needs to be cleaned. You can also view the details of the cleaning history via the application. And you can request information via various channels.

New: Unique in this M600 poll robot is the Pick-up module enabling the robot to climb to the water line itself. This makes it even easier to take the robot out of the water.

Thanks to the fast water release, the water is discharged from the robot very quickly, making it easier to lift the device out of the pool: an ergonomic advantage of this pool robot.

The M600 pool robot also features a swivel. This part of the cable ensures that the cable does not get caught up or tangled. This means you can always use the full length of the cable. The swivel also makes storage of the pool robot easier.

The application for the Dolphin Supreme M600 pool robot also features a weekly timer. This function allows you to programme the robotic pool cleaner to start its cleaning routine automatically. You can choose from the following options: every day, every other day or every 3 days.

The robot also comes with a storage caddy for easy storage of the M600 in the garden shed or pump room.

The highest-performance pool robot

Like most Dolphin robots, the M600 cleans the floor, the walls and the water line. And the M600 delivers the best cleaning performance. This is achieved through a combination of several techniques.

The Dual-drive Powerstream system makes the M600 pool robot particularly manoeuvrable. The M600 can turn quickly and moves smoothly over the floor of the swimming pool.

The M600 also has improved suction power compared with earlier Dolphin models, enabling it to climb the walls even better. This is an absolute advantage of the M600 swimming pool robot.

The Advanced CleverClean Scanning System ensures that the M600 pool robot is perfectly able to scan the swimming pool in order to determine the most efficient route. This system includes a gyroscope. The gyroscope ensures that the pool robot is very flexible, making it suitable for swimming pools of all types and shapes. This system means that the robot does not lose time on obstacles, slopes or in the corners.

With this M600, Dolphin is also launching the Dual active scrubbing feature. The robot has 2 brushes both at the front and at the rear (so 4 in total). These brushes work in opposite directions, enabling them to scrub the dirt away from the floor even more effectively.

The Dolphin M600 pool robot has a larger filter capacity. This enables it to catch more dirt in the filter basket. The combination of extra-fine and coarser filter cartridges, the multi-layer system, means that the robot can suck up and catch large items of dirt (leaves, twigs, insects, etc.) as well as fine dirt particles (sand, etc.) from the floor. The filter in the M600 is therefore suitable for all seasons and avoids blockages.

Technical Specifications

Max. pool size
15 x 6 m
Floor, walls, water line
Suitable for every type of swimming pool lining
Suitable for in-ground swimming pools
Microprocessor for detecting walls
Number of cleaning brushes
Active brushes
Cleaning cycle
1.5 - 2 - 2.5 h
17 m³/hour
Minimum depth
80 cm
Maximum depth
5 metres
Motor voltage
24 v DC
Filter type
Filter basket
Cable length
18 m
Fast Water Release
Remote control
yes, via APP
APP support
Weekly programme
11 kg
60 x 50 x 51 cm
4 year warranty except for wear parts (such as bearings, filters, brushes, belts, swivel, ...).
Package contains
Dolphin M600, 2 sets of filter cartridges coarse & fine, Caddy, Power supply, Instructions
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2.199,00 €
€ 1,699.00