Zodiac Alpha iQ Bio swimming pond robot

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  • For swimming ponds
  • Automatic pool hoover
  • Suitable for swim ponds up to 12 m long
  • Cleans bottom and walls
  • Suitable for all pool/pond surfaces
  • From the Zodiac brand
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  • Automatic pool hoover
  • For swimming ponds
  • Suitable for swim ponds up to 12 m long
  • Cleans bottom and walls
  • Suitable for all pool/pond surfaces
  • From the Zodiac brand
  • With large filter capacity
  • Equipped with swivel technology


An automatic hoover for swimming ponds

Looking for an advanced solution to keep your swimming pond clean without the hassle? Meet the Zodiac Alpha iQ Bio! This revolutionary robot is designed to clean your swimming pond in an automatic way, without scrubbing yourself.

Advanced navigation system

Thanks to its advanced navigation system, the Alpha iQ Bio can reach every nook and cranny of your swimming pond. With smart sensors, it detects obstacles and adjusts its route for thorough cleaning without getting stuck. 

With the Zodiac Alpha iQ Bio, you not only save time and effort, but also enjoy a cleaner and healthier swimming pond. Forget the hassle of manual cleaning or using chemicals that can be harmful to your pond's environment. Choose the smart and sustainable solution with the Zodiac Alpha iQ Bio and enjoy worry-free swimming fun, season after season.

Large filter capacity

The Alpha iQ Bio's large filter is designed with the specific challenges of swimming ponds in mind. It offers greater capacity and efficiency than standard filters, enabling it to capture larger amounts of debris without reducing performance. This ensures continuous and thorough cleaning, even in swimming ponds with a high concentration of organic waste.

Equipped with swivel technology

In addition to its advanced cleaning capabilities, the Zodiac Alpha iQ Bio is equipped with pioneering swivel technology. This innovative feature, the 'swivel' or rotating head, offers unparalleled freedom of movement and prevents cable entanglement during the cleaning process.

The Alpha iQ Bio's swivel technology uses a rotating mechanism that automatically untwists and unfolds the cable during the cleaning process. This means the robot can move freely through the swimming pond without being hindered by tangled cables. This not only maximises cleaning efficiency, but also extends the life of the cable and reduces the need for manual intervention.

Technical Specifications

Type of device
Alpha iQ Bio
Max. pool length
12 x 6 meter
Bottom, walls and waterline
Number of motors
Number of brushes
Cable length
18 meter
Robot dimensions
43 x 48 x 27 cm
3+1 years
Type of filter
Recupel contribution
Access to the filter
Smartphone app
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