HTH Granular 10 kg

Restore the chlorine content of your swimming pool with HTH Granular. This product is designed for use with soft water only.
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Height: 37 cm

Diameter: 35 cm

Weight: 10 kg

Chlorine granules

This product is more effective than the average chlorine granules.


HTH Granular is used as a chlorine treatment against bacteria, viruses, fungicides and algae in your swimming pool. It can also be used as a chlorine shock treatment for your pool water.


  • Fast dissoving granules
  • 65% available chlorine content
  • Totally free of cyanuric acid (UV stabiliser)
  • Suitable for use on any filter system
  • The product is stable provided it is stored in a dry place at temperatures of less than 40°C.
  • The HTH chlorine product has been approved by the Ministry of Public Health under the number 8586 B for use in public and private swimming pools.

Caution: never use with other products. May release hazardous (chlorine) gases.

Instructions for use:

Private swimming pool

At the start of the season or to prevent the water from turning green.
Approx. 150 g per 10 m³ water after adjusting the pH to a value between 7.2 and 7.6
First dissolve the HTH granules in 10 l water and then pour into the pool or the skimmer, making sure that no other treatment chemicals or organic chlorine are present.

Public swimming pool:
When using a chemical tank and dosing pump, dissolve 1 to 1.5 kg of HTH granules per 100 l water. The daily dosage varies between 0.5 and 1 kg for 100 m³ and depends on usage of the pool, exposure to sunlight and contamination due to water slides, rapids, etc.

The pH should remain between 7.2 and 7.6 at all times.

Caution: HTH Granular is a chemical product. Make sure you print out the technical data sheet for safe use. Also carefully read the instructions for use on the package before use and keep the product away from children.

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