RGB-colour LED Weltico 28 W

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  • RGB-colour LED Weltico 28 W for pools
  • 28 W - 12 V
  • Size : Par 56
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  • RGB-colour LED Weltico 28 W for pools
  • 28 W - 12 V
  • Size : Par 56
  • Recupel contribution included


This RGB-colour LED light has an output of 28 W and complies with all applicable regulations in regard to underwater lighting for swimming pools.

The biggest advantage of this RGB-colour LED replacement light is its energy efficiency. What's more, an LED light has the added advantage of a long lifespan. This is a lot different with halogen lights, which use more energy and are therefore less durable.

With the colour LED light you can adjust the colour to the situation or mood of the moment. You can also quickly see which colour suits your interior best, so you always create the perfect atmosphere.

There are, however, some drawbacks to this RGB-colour LED light. It is considerably more expensive than the cheaper halogen lights. When it comes to durability, however, these are the most energy-efficient lights for the lighting in your swimming pool.

You can also purchase this light in our online shop, including the finishing.

Technical Specifications

12 V
28 W
Par 56
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