Underwater colour LED (RGB) - White

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  • Colour RGB LED lighting
  • With a white fixture
  • Power supply: 12 V
  • Size: Par 56
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  • Colour RGB LED lighting
  • With a white fixture
  • Power supply: 12 V
  • Size: Par 56


Underwater lighting is an important aspect to be considered when building or installing a swimming pool; it actually determines the atmosphere of your pool when friends, family or neighbours drop by in the summer. Colour lighting is, of course, the key to creating that ultimate atmosphere.

That is why we are offering you these colour LED lamps for your underwater lighting. With this LED lamp, you can change the feel of your swimming pool quickly and easily at the push of a pool system button. This RGB LED lighting will give you the atmosphere you are looking to create.

This LED lamp with a white fixture operates at a voltage of 12 V. This colour lighting for swimming pools has a power of 30 W, which is significantly less than that of a halogen lamp, but is nevertheless very bright. It is, in fact, a power LED lamp, so that the difference in light intensity is greatly reduced.

This RGB LED lighting obviously complies with all international requirements for underwater lighting. We only offer our customers products that combine safety and reliability with superior quality.

The advantage of colour LED lighting and LED lighting in general is the low energy consumption. LED lighting is far more energy efficient than a halogen lamp, and therefore also far more durable. This colour LED lamp with a white fixture will give you many years of enjoyment.

Colour LED lighting has one drawback; it is more expensive to buy. This is, however, offset by a longer service life. The colour emitted by this colour LED lamp depends on the interior lining of your swimming pool. The effect of the LED lamp also varies depending on the colour of your interior lining.

In our webshop, you can find not only this colour LED lighting but also halogen lamps and white LED lighting. This colour LED lighting for swimming pools is also available with an Adria blue, anthracite grey, beige, grey or light blue fixture.

Technical Specifications

Power supply
12 V
28 W
Par 56
Recupel waste recycling charge
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480,91 €