Underwater LED - Beige

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  • LED lamp
  • With a beige fixture
  • Par 56
  • 19 W
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  • LED lamp
  • With a beige fixture
  • Par 56
  • 19 W


Choosing the right swimming pool lighting is a difficult decision for a pool owner. The underwater lighting of your pool will to a large extent determine the atmosphere of your garden in the evening, which is typically the time when you relax on your terrace with friends, family or neighbours. You should therefore make a well-considered decision.

This LED lamp with a beige fixture operates at a voltage of 12 V. Compared with a halogen lamp, a LED lamp operates at much lower power. We have, however, found a solution to this. Willy Naessens Swimming Pools offers you power LEDs, which are very much brighter than a regular LED lamp.

This LED lamp obviously complies with all international regulations for underwater lighting. We only offer our customers safe and reliable products.

LED lamps have one big advantage in that they are far more energy efficient than a halogen lamp. This also increases the durability of this product, which means that this underwater LED lamp with a beige fixture will give you many years of enjoyment.

LED lamps have one drawback; it is more expensive to buy. Moreover, LED lamps produce a brighter light than a halogen lamp, and are therefore often seen as being less natural. The effect of underwater lighting always depends on the interior lining. A LED lamp may therefore have a more beautiful effect than a halogen lamp.

If you want colour lighting, we recommend that you choose RGB LED lamps. Various versions of each of these types of lamp can be found in this webshop.

This LED lamp for swimming pools is also available with an Adria blue, anthracite grey, white, grey or light blue fixture.

Technical Specifications

Power supply
12 V
19 W
Par 56
Recupel waste recycling charge
Included in the price
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384,19 €