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Dolphin S200 and S300

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As an expert in swimming pool maintenance, we often receive questions about the quality of certain swimming pool robots. In general, the Dolphin swimming pool robots can be said to be of superior quality.

Manufacturer Maytronics invests a great deal of time into the development of their robots. The latest Dolphin series is the S series or Echo series. In this blog, we will compare two devices from this series: the S300i Smart and the S200.

Functional description of the swimming pool robot

The Dolphin S200 and the S300i Smart perform the same function, namely to clean and scrub the swimming pool. Both devices clean the bottom, walls and wall corners of your pool in a few hours' time. This way, your pool is completely clean again.

The benefit for you is that you have to spend less time scrubbing your swimming pool. However, a swimming pool robot also has a positive impact on the water quality and the filtration system of your pool. You will experience fewer problems with the water quality of your swimming pool.

Functional description of the swimming pool robot
Dolphin S200

Dolphin S200, a basic model for every pool

The Dolphin S200 and the S300i Smart have many features in common. The S200 can be considered a basic model and the S300i Smart an extension of this model with extra features. The characteristics of the Dolphin S200 will be explained below. Additional details and videos can also be found on the product page of the Dolphin S200 swimming pool robot.


The Dolphin S200 and the S300i Smart both have 2 active brushes to scrub the swimming pool. Unlike the M series, these brushes run at double speed. In this way, they pick up even more dirt particles.

Ergonomic to use

Both the Dolphin S200 and the S300i Smart have an ergonomic design. Both robots weigh only 7.5 kg, i.e. over one kilogram lighter than the Dolphin M400 or M500. This makes it easier on your back when taking the robot out of the pool after cleaning.

However, not only the weight is more ergonomic! A robot that is removed from the water contains a large amount of water.  The Dolphin S200 and the S300i Smart are equipped with the so-called ‘quick water release’ system, which makes the water disappear faster from the robot. These pool robots are therefore extremely easy to handle.

Control of the Dolphin S200

The S200 robot has only 1 standard cleaning programme. The S300i Smart has several such programmes, as we will see below.

What then makes the S300i Smart unique?

Smartphone-based control

The Dolphin S300i Smart is the first swimming pool robot that can be controlled via your smartphone. All you have to do is download and install the app. There is one condition: the Android version must be 4.3 or higher; for iPhone, the app works from iPhone 5 onwards.

The LED indicator light tells you whether the robot is running the standard programme or is under the control of your smartphone.

Smartphone-based control

Control of the S300i Smart

The S300i Smart robot is equipped with the delayed start, speed adjustment and weekly timer functions. In addition, the Dolphin S300i Smart lets you choose from a number of cleaning programmes:
- Fast
- Standard
- Ultra Clean
- Bottom Only

You can also set the cleaning time. You can choose a cleaning cycle of one hour, one-and-a-half hours, two hours or two-and-a-half hours.  Obviously, the longer the cycle, the more thorough the cleaning.

Ease of use

As already mentioned, the S300i Smart also has a low weight and a fast water release. However, this robot also comes with a caddy, which greatly facilitates moving the robot.  
Upgraded filtration system

Both the S200 and the S300i Smart have an upgraded filtration system compared with the previous Dolphin series. This is the best upgrade in this new series of swimming pool robots. Instead of using two filter cartridges, these robots have an easily removable filter basket.

This facilitates the maintenance of the baskets. All you have to do is rinse out the basket with a garden hose after maintenance is completed.

On the S200, you have to choose which filter to insert into the baskets: a fine or a coarse filter. For outdoor pools we recommend the coarse filter. On the Dolphin S300i Smart, you do not have to make this choice. This swimming pool robot features a multi-layer filtration system with both a coarse and a fine filter. Clearly, this method produces the best cleaning results.

Drawbacks of the S200 and S300i Smart swimming pool robots

Drawbacks of the S200 and S300i Smart swimming pool robots

In fact, we can think of only one genuine drawback. Unlike the Dolphin M400 and the Dolphin M500, these swimming pool robots have no ‘Swivel’. This Swivel prevents the cable from twisting.

Another "drawback" is that they come with only a 2-year warranty.  When properly maintained, however, the devices last for more than 10 years. So this is not really a disadvantage.

Finally, the purchase price is steep, but you get a top product in return.  In price/quality terms, these swimming pool robots give you bang for your buck. 

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