Zodiac pool robots: discover the 2 new lines in our range

Pool robots have become indispensable companions for the pool owner who wants to enjoy his pool as much as possible. Pool maintenance options are constantly evolving - and we reflect this in our range as well.

We therefore added 2 new lines of Zodiac pool robots. Inside these lines is a feat of technology that makes pool maintenance even easier. Curious? Read on to discover the Zodiac Alpha iQ and Voyager.

Zodiac Alpha poolcleaner

The Zodiac Alpha IQ pool robot stands out for its ability to identify the unique shape of the pool and is suitable for pools measuring 12 x 6 m. Get it and discover the convenience and freedom of customised pool maintenance.

Unrivalled suction power

The patented cyclonic suction has an extra-wide suction nozzle and ultra-fine filtration, enabling the pool robot to effectively collect all kinds of debris.


Personalised pool cleaning

Thanks to the Sensor Nav System™, the Zodiac Alpha iQTM pool robot instantly recognises the contours of the pool, so it can plan a perfect cleaning cycle. No corner is skipped, while the pressure sensor optimises the rise and fall over the walls and the cleaning of the waterline.


Easy to handle 

The unique Lift System has also been patented. This makes the pool robot a true lightweight and therefore easy to lift out of the water. But there's more: the filter is very accessible and the window easily visible, which again increases the ease of use.

Zodiac Alpha pool robot

Permanent access to control and monitoring

With the iAquaLinkTM application, monitoring and controlling the Alphia iQTM pool robot is always within reach. Follow the robot in real-time, activate and monitor cleaning cycles, read the water temperature and programme cleaning up to seven days in advance.

Is there still some dirt in a certain place in your pool? Thanks to the handy localised cleaning function, you can direct the robot to it.

Zwembadrobot Zodiac Alpha R6500 IQ - 1

Set cleaning cycles to suit your needs

And the list of features is even longer! The pool robot also includes four built-in cleaning cycles that allow you to set your pool maintenance to your needs:

  • Quick: for quick but effective bottom cleaning
  • Smart: bottom, walls and water lines get an intelligent cleaning session
  • Ultra: when the bottom, walls and water line need even more intensive cleaning
  • Water line: use the vacuum to clean the water line only
  • 3 years standard warranty and 1 year extra

Except for the wearing parts, you receive a standard 3-year warranty on the appliance. If you connect the robot to the iAquaLinkTM application within six months, we will add one year's warranty on top!

Zodiac Voyager: powerful suction you manage yourself

When you choose the Voyager RE 4600 IQ, you choose the latest model from Zodiac and the best value for money in pool robots on the market!

Whether you have a liner, polyester, polyester, concrete/paint or tile pool; if your pool is maximum 12 x 6 metres in size, you can sleep on both ears for an ever-clean pool with the Zodiac Voyager.

Zwembadrobot Zodiac Voyager RE 4600 IQ - 5

Long-lasting performance and smart technology for maximum cleaning

Thanks to its patented cyclonic suction system, the Zodiac pool robot delivers powerful and long-lasting performance in pool cleaning. With its unique suction system and spiral brushes, it effectively picks up all the dirt in your pool.

Moreover, this smart pool robot has speed sensors and a gyroscope so it knows which places in the pool have already been cleaned. 

The combination of advanced cleaning technology and the ease of use to operate the pool robot makes this model the must-have for pool owners aiming for seamless pool maintenance.

Smart control with the iAquaLink application

The Voyager pool robot stands out with the integrated iAquaLink application, which allows you to control the robot easily and efficiently.

This intuitive app literally puts control of your pool cleaning in your hands. You can programme, monitor, operate, ... all in just a few clicks on your smartphone.

Zwembadrobot Zodiac Voyager RE 4600 IQ - 2