What is the difference between a Dolphin M400 and M500 robotic pool cleaner?

Robotic pool cleaners are more than a really useful gadget for swimming pool owners. They simplify pool maintenance and also reduce maintenance costs, since weekly cleaning with a robot produces clear, better-quality water.

By using a high quality robotic pool cleaner, you will spend less on chlorine and pH products.

The robotic pool cleaners from Maytronics are among the best in class and are generally seen as having the best price/quality ratio. Maytronics offers several series.

Below we examine the similarities and differences between a Dolphin Supreme M400 and a Dolphin Supreme M500, the 2 best-selling robotic pool cleaners from Maytronics.

Dolphin zwembadrobots
Compare models
Suitable for pools up to 12 m long 12 m long
Caddy Included Included
Filter type Filter cartridges Filter cartridges
Suitable for All swimming pool surfaces All swimming pool surfaces
Swivel Included Included
Brushes Triple, active brushes Triple, active brushes
Warranty 36 months 36 months
Weight 8.5 kg 8.5 kg
Cycle time Standard cycle of 2.5 hours Choice of different cycles of 1.5 h, 2,5h or 3,5h
Start delay Impossible Start can be delayed 1 or 2h
Number of cleaning programs 1 standard program 4 different programs
Control via App Possible Possible
Similarities between Dolphin M400 and Dolphin M500 robotic pool cleaners

Similarities between Dolphin M400 and Dolphin M500 robotic pool cleaners

The Dolphin Supreme M400 and M500 are both part of the Magic series from Maytronics. These robotic pool cleaners therefore have the same basis and exhibit a large number of similarities. The similarities between these robotic pool cleaners are listed below:


Both robotic pool cleaners, M400 and M500, are suitable for pools up to 12 m in length. If the pool is any longer, the robot will not be able to clean the entire pool in one go.


Both the Dolphin Supreme M400 and Dolphin M500 robotic pool cleaners come with a caddy or trolley. This makes it easier to move your robot around.

Type of filter:

In this regard too, the Dolphin Supreme M400 and M500 are identical. Both use filter cartridges. These are easy to install and easy to rinse. You can only choose between a coarse or fine filter, you cannot combine both types. We certainly recommend a coarse filter for the first few cleaning cycles of your robotic pool cleaner.

Suitable for all swimming pool surfaces:

Both cleaners can be used on all swimming pool surfaces. Dolphin robotic pool cleaners can easily cope with a lining of liner, mosaic, natural stone or concrete. Only if you have a stainless steel pool will you have to find another robot, since a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner would scratch the lining.

In their standard programmes, both robots clean the floor, walls and corners, which results in crystal-clear swimming water.


Both the Dolphin M400 and M500 have a swivel. The swivel is a special feature added to the pool cleaning robots to ensure that the power cable does not get tangled.

Brush system:

This robotic pool cleaner is state of the art thanks to Dolphin's innovative technology. With its extended unique triple-action brushes, this automatic pool cleaner removes all algae and bacteria from your pool.


Both cleaners come with a 3-year warranty. However, this warranty does not cover the brushes.


The weights of the Dolphin Supreme M500 and the M400 are identical. Both weigh 8.5 kg and are therefore easily movable.

Differences between a Dolphin M400 and Dolphin M500 pool cleaner

Differences between a Dolphin M400 and Dolphin M500 pool cleaner

Besides the similarities, there are a number of differences between the Dolphin M400 and M500. These differences are mainly due to the functionalities of the robotic pool cleaners.

Cycle times:

In contrast to the Dolphin M400, the Dolphin Supreme M500 robotic pool cleaner allows you to select from different cycle times. With the Dolphin M500 you can choose between cleaning times of 90 minutes, 2.5 hours or 3.5 hours.

The longer the robot can clean, the more thorough the cleaning. Sometimes, however, you are pushed for time, in which case a shorter cycle time may offer a solution.

Start delay:

With a Dolphin Supreme M400 the robotic pool cleaner always starts cleaning immediately. With a Dolphin Supreme M5, however, you can choose to delay the start by 1 or 2 hours.

This allows you, for example, to benefit from a cheaper electricity tariff or only have your robotic pool cleaner start once everyone has been out of the pool for an hour. In this way, they pick up even more dirt particles. This is because during that hour all the dirt in the water can sink to the bottom and be picked up by the robotic pool cleaner.


Unlike the M400, a Dolphin Supreme M500 has much more than just a standard programme. That standard programme cleans the floor, walls and corners.

In addition to this standard programme, the Dolphin Supreme M500 has 3 programmes that focus on one or more surfaces of the pool. The 2nd programme is a programme that only cleans the bottom but does so extremely thoroughly, leaving the bottom of your pool sparkling like never before.

The 3rd programme also only cleans the bottom, but less thoroughly than the 2nd programme of the Dolphin Supreme M500. This makes it perfect for quick cleaning.

The last cleaning programme focuses on the walls. This allows you to concentrate a little extra on these parts of the pool.

M400 zwembadrobot Dolphin

We hope to have provided you with a clear overview of the differences between the Dolphin Supreme M400 and Dolphin Supreme M500. In 2015 Maytronics also launched an Echo series. The comparison of the S200 and S300i Smart robotic pool cleaners appeared in an earlier blog. Just a little tip if you are looking for a robotic pool cleaner for your pool.

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