A custom-made pool cover


A pool cover is pretty much a must for every pool owner. In addition to its insulating function, it reduces the amount of dirt and debris that falls into your pool water, so that your maintenance products degrade less rapidly.

Lower costs and less energy - that sounds like a win-win situation! With our tips, you are sure to choose the pool cover that’s right for you!

1. Dimensions

In principle, the dimensions of your pool cover are never the same as those of your swimming pool.  A winter cover, for example, will have a 50 cm margin to allow the cover to be secured properly and to catch as many leaves as possible.  Where this margin is not practicable because of immovable objects around the pool (e.g. wall, shower, terrace elevation, etc.), it can be reduced to a minimum of 30 cm.

A summer cover, by contrast, will be made a few centimetres smaller so that it perfectly fits within the inside walls of your swimming pool.

2. Cut-outs

Does your pool have a pool ladder or some other accessory attached to it? Then make sure to clearly indicate this when ordering your custom-made pool cover. Preferably include a picture or sketch to make sure that it gets the right cut-out.

3. Type of cover

Once you know the dimensions, you can choose the type of cover. In general, you can choose between bubble wrap and foil. Both have their benefits and drawbacks.

Read more about the two types of pool covers in this blog.

Now you are all set to order your custom-made pool cover. Did you know you can simply do so using our online tool?