Get rid of leaves in the swimming pool forever!

Get rid of leaves in the swimming pool forever!

Get rid of leaves in the swimming pool forever!

For example, a winter cover reduces the amount of dirt in your pool

Once autumn comes, your outdoor pool is not used as much. But you often have a lot of maintenance work. In autumn, the pool gets full of leaves falling from the trees. And it’s really not easy to get all these leaves out of the swimming pool.

However, the solution is simple: fit your winter cover on time.

The function of your winter cover

A winter cover has several benefits:

  1. Avoids leaves in the swimming pool
  2. Makes it easier to start the pool up again in the spring
  3. Additional safety during the winter months

A winter cover reduces the amount of leaves in the swimming pool, though only if you secure the cover over the pool in time.

A winter cover saves you a lot of time when getting the pool ready again for summer. Because less dirt ends up in the swimming pool thanks to the winter cover, there's less dirt to get rid of and you also save on pool treatment products, etc. The water is then clear in no time in the spring.

Finally, a winter cover also provides additional safety. Not that you can lie on it for hours, but if someone were to fall in the pool during the winter, the winter cover will break the fall and make it easier to get someone out. So you don’t suddenly fall into the cold water.

winter cover

How to fit a winter cover

In order to attach the cover, it is important that the cover is larger than the pool itself. The standard margin is 50 cm:

  • More secure attachment
  • Fewer leaves

Only change this margin if it is necessary because of upright, immovable objects around the swimming pool (e.g. wall, shower, raised patio, etc.).

Secure the cover using stakes and stretchers. Tie the stretchers onto the eyes on the sides of the cover. Then pull the stretcher tight onto the stake you have secured in the ground or in the joints of your patio.

When stretching your winter cover, you should secure the stakes on the left and right alternately. This ensures that the tension is distributed evenly over the cover. Do not do the short sides until the long sides have been completely stretched and secured.