How to maintain your jacuzzi?

7 steps for the maintenance of your jacuzzi

How to maintain your jacuzzi?

7 steps for the maintenance of your jacuzzi

A jacuzzi or spa is the ideal way to relax. But you can only really enjoy it when the jacuzzi is clear and healthy. So take the time to maintain your jacuzzi properly. We’ll be happy to help you get started!

Spa Cartridge Cleaner

Clean the filter

You should clean your jacuzzi or spa filter at least once a month. Make sure your jacuzzi pump is switched off when you do this.

Remove the filter and clear the initial dirt from your jacuzzi, e.g. using a garden hose.

Then use a product to clean the filter: Spa Cartridge Cleaner and allow it to take effect for a few minutes (3 to 6 minutes).

Then you can rinse the filter again with clean water.

There, the filter is back in top shape to filter your jacuzzi.

After 1 year it is best to replace the filter cartridge with a new one.

Check the pH value

A stable pH value is very important for a healthy jacuzzi or spa. The ideal acidity of your jacuzzi is 7.2 pH. That way, your filter, pump, etc. cannot be damaged.

A pH value that is too high will cause limescale. This means that the heating element needs more energy to heat up the jacuzzi.

You can easily check your pH value using one of our manual testers. If you want more certainty, choose a digital version.

If you need to adjust the pH, you can find the necessary products here!

Check the pH value
Change the water

Change the water

A healthy jacuzzi requires regular fresh water. So renew the water in the jacuzzi 3 to 4 times a year. Make sure the pump is off when doing this.

If you are changing the water, it is also advisable to carry out maintenance on the walls and bottom of your jacuzzi using the Whirlpool cleaner. The waterline in particular requires some maintenance as it is there that dirt or deposits accumulate quickest.

Spa Cartridge cleaner 1L
Spa Cartridge cleaner 1L
21,95 €
  • Filter cartridge cleaner
  • Removes oil, fat and calcium scaling
  • For spas
  • Allow product to soak in overnight
Deep action cleaner for filter cartridges
Spa Whirlpool Cleaner 1L
For cleaning tub and pipes
19,36 €
  • Whirlpool Cleaner
  • For cleaning tub and pipes
For cleaning tub and pipes
Spa Pipe Clean 1L
Spa Pipe Clean 1 L
16,46 €
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Prolongs the life of the pipes
To clean the pipes
Spa Clear Water 1L
Spa Clear Water 1L
8,99 €
  • Neutralises dirt, soap, oil, etc.
  • Produces crystal clear water when used weekly
  • For spas
Neutralises dirt, soap, oil, etc. in every spa
pH Plus Liquid 1L
pH Plus Liquid 1L
7,50 €
  • Use when the pH is too low
  • For spas
  • 2ml per m³ water to raise the pH by 0.1
  • Contents: 1L
Raises the pH of your spa
Disinfect the jacuzzi

Disinfect the jacuzzi

Before draining the jacuzzi, it is best to disinfect it. You can purify your jacuzzi pipe using the Spa Tube Clean. After you add this product to your jacuzzi, you should turn on the pump for a moment so that the product can spread evenly.

Once the pipes have been disinfected, drain the jacuzzi. Rinse the jacuzzi before filling it with new water.

Clean the cover and headrests

Also take a moment to clean the cover and headrests. These items come into regular contact with the water in your jacuzzi . When the cover and supports are cleaned, they can’t release dirt into the jacuzzi. So you have less contamination in your jacuzzi.

Add cleaning product

If you want clear, healthy and safe water, you must eliminate the harmful bacteria.

You can make the water in your jacuzzi clear by using Spa Clear Water. This way you ensure that the smallest dirt particles and bacteria are still filtered out. The product has a similar effect to flocculant for swimming pools. Thanks to this product, your jacuzzi’s water will be crystal-clear.

Add cleaning product

Besides this product, you can also add some chlorine to your jacuzzi every week. Follow this step-by-step plan:

Step 1: check pH value

Always check the pH value first with a test strip. This should be between 6.8 and 7.8 pH at least (ideal = 7.2). Adjust the pH value with pH- or pH+.

Step 2: Adjust chlorine level

Then adjust the chlorine level with chlorine shock. For every 1,000 l (1 m3) you need to add 10 ml of chlorine shock.

Step 3: Maintain chlorine content

Then use chlorine tablets to keep the chlorine content at the right level. You can regulate the release of chlorine with a chlorine floater. The ideal chlorine value is about 1.5 to 2 ppm, but may vary between 1 and 2.5 ppm.

Step 4: Test regularly

Test the pH and the chlorine content regularly with test strips (at least twice a week).

Step 5: To measure is to know

Add the right chemicals (pH and/or chlorine) based on your measurement results. Overdosing can lead to foaming and/or milky water, for example.

We recommend doing this in the evening. That way no one will be using the jacuzzi anymore and no one else will add products to the jacuzzi.

One day after the chlorine shock you should measure the pH value of your jacuzzi again and adjust it if necessary.

Monthly check

Besides the chlorine and pH value, it is best to check the alkalinity once a month. The alkalinity should be between 120 and 180 ppm for your jacuzzi. If this value is too low, add TAC +. If the alkalinity is too high, you should add TAC -. For the correct quantity, follow the instructions on the packaging.

Monthly check