Tips to stay as "cool as a frog" during a heatwave


Summer is in full swing, bringing sweltering temperatures. Consequently, we are all yearning to cool down in any way we can. But how do you stay fresh and fruity? We list a bunch of tips, from cooler to cooler!

1. Refresh yourself

Seeking refreshment remains the best tip. Go for a lukewarm (not cold!) shower, put flannels with ice cubes on your neck every now and then, place a frozen bottle in front of the fan or treat yourself to a cool foot bath.

What to eat and drink in summer temperatures?

Homemade ice creams, of course! Make delicious ones from water combined with fruit such as kiwi, pineapple, strawberry or berries. If you go for a more elaborate meal, opt for a light meal with mostly vegetables. Such a meal is easier to digest, requiring less energy from our bodies. Fruit and vegetables are naturally packed with vitamins and quench your thirst. Feast your eyes!

Needless to say, water is and always will be crucial. On an average day it is already desperately needed, when it is extra hot even more so. Drink at least 1.5 litres at rest, but more won't hurt.

Drink a glass at a time rather than a lot at once. Do so before you are thirsty, because by then it is already too late. Try to avoid alcohol and sugary drinks, although a cocktail can taste great now and then! But keep in mind: alcohol makes your body expel fluids faster.

Drinks at pool

2. Cannonball dive! The best cooling off tips near a swimming pool

In heat, it is not wise to make strenuous efforts, or suddenly start exercising hard. Therefore, go early in the morning or late in the evening and find a forest... or a swimming pool! Nothing like exercising in water, combining the useful with the pleasant.

Try aquagym, play a game of water polo or organise a real bomb competition. Afterwards, you can relax lazily in the beach chair next to the pool.

For those who just can't get enough, we can recommend these water fun tips;

  • Water balloon fight
  • Balance exercise on the inflatable crocodile
  • Underwater obstacle course
  • Put your legs wide open or use a hoop to create an underwater gate or handle toys with weight in them that sink to the bottom. Keep an eye on each other at all times.
  • Spray a target with a water pistol
  • Why not a game of 'Skipper, may I sail over'?
  • Aquagym
  • Take advantage of gravity to perform the craziest cartwheels, somersaults or handstands!
  • For the little ones, there are lots of fun water toys such as rubber ducks or boat races
  • Run until a whirlpool forms
  • Bombing contest
  • Who can jump the highest, who makes the loudest splash and who stays under the longest? Always be careful diving and holding your breath!
  • Water polo, badminton, basketball or volleyball; anything is possible!
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3. Protect yourself from the sun

Euh, yes... Seems like an obvious tip? True, but the devil is in the detail! So you better check the weather forecast to find out when the peak is coming. A simple daily plan will get you a long way.

Still wild plans to brave the sun? Then keep in mind:

  • Sunscreen

Regular lubrication protects our skin, which takes a beating during prolonged UV exposure. Especially during midday, it is to be avoided. Also take precautions if you have naturally sensitive skin.

  • Sunglasses

Often forgotten; but our eyes also need some protection

  • Headgear and light clothing

Your cranium should not boil over, and airy, light-coloured clothing does not turn you into a steam boiler. With tight clothing, there is too little ventilation.

  • Shade

An umbrella, a tree, a shed; every little helps and the temperature will soon be a few degrees cooler.