Too high pH level in your pool?

A too high pH level in your pool is a pH value that exceeds 7.6 pH. The water will then be too soft. While this may sound very pleasant, the consequences are anything but. Let us explain to you how this is possible, what the consequences are and how it can be solved!

Cause and effect of too high a pH level

An increase in the pH level can be caused by several things. A first cause is the addition of chlorine stabiliser or HTH Granular to the pool water. These strong chlorine products are the best disinfectants but they also result in a direct increase in the pH level. A higher pH level can also be caused by a sudden rise in temperature of the water. 

However, much more important than the causes are the effects of such a high pH level. The first consequence is one that can also be felt in your wallet. As a result of too high a pH level, the chlorine in your pool will no longer work effectively.  This in turn results in increased chlorine consumption. 

Also the physical consequences for swimmers are painful but easily identifiable. Red eyes, a dry skin and premature wear of swim gear such as goggles and swim wear are associated with too high a pH level.

The consequences of too high a pH level should therefore not be underestimated. Corrective action is required!

Cause and effect of too high a pH level

Solutions for dealing with too high a pH level

If the pH level of your pool exceeds a value of 7.6, it must be lowered in due time. The solution is to add pH minus, an acid that will bring down the pH level.

This pH minus always comes in powder form and has to be spread over the water surface. However, first dissolve the granulate in a bucket filled with water. In this way, the acid cannot cause any damage to the lining.

The correct dosing of this pH minus depends on the total water volume and the current pH level. The schedule on the packaging helps you determine the dose to be used for lowering the pH level.


And what if pH Minus does not bring down the pH level?

In exceptional cases, pH minus will not affect the pH level. This is caused by a much too high alkalinity (probably more than 250 mg/l).

A weak acid such as pH minus will then hardly have any effect on the pH level of your pool, and more drastic action will be required. A strong acid such as sulphuric acid or hydrochloric acid will be able to reduce the pH level. These products can only be collected at one of our showrooms as they are too dangerous to be sent through a parcel delivery service.

Is there anything else you need to know about the pH value of your pool? Do not hesitate to contact us today! We will be happy to help.