What pool accessories do I need?

The temperature is rising, the sun is shining and the birds are singing, ... In short, you can’t wait to jump into your pool. But what pool accessories do you need to maintain your pool? We give you a handy overview!

1. A scoop net

There’s nothing more annoying than leaves or other debris floating around in your pool. With a scoop net you can clean your pool in no time, making it "party-proof"!

Clean hard-to-reach places with a telescopic rod. It also eliminates the need to perform a balancing act on the edge of your pool :-)

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A scoop net

2. Waterline sponges

Where the waterline makes contact with your liner or concrete wall, a green or brown mark may form. Obviously you don’t want it there when your guests arrive.

It is best to use a special sponge to clean this waterline. Is your wall made up of mosaic tiles? Then you’re better off buying a multifunctional sponge.

Here I would add a list of products that you had forwarded.

Extra Power Magic Sponge with a handle
Willy's Choice
Sponge with a handle
7,50 €
  • Sponge with a handle
  • For intensive use
Sponge with a handle
Spa Duo Sponge Water Line 3 items
Spa Duo Sponge Water Line 3 items
16,00 €
  • Double-sided reusable sponge
  • Wipes the dirt from tiles, vinyl, fibreglass and other surfaces
  • Four use with or without cleaning agents
Sponge for cleaning the water line
SpaLine Wonder Sponge 3 items
SpaLine Wonderspons 3 Stuks
5,75 €
  • 3 sponges
  • Is also used for the water line
Wonder Sponge for the swimming pool and spa
Magic sponge (set of 3)
Magic sponge (set of 3)
7,95 €
  • 3 sponges
  • For cleaning swimming pools and the waterline
Magic sponge (set of 3)
Mega Pool scouring sponge with a handle
Mega Pool scouring sponge
4,27 €
  • Mega Pool scouring sponge
  • With a handle
  • To make cleaning the waterline easy
Mega Pool scouring sponge

3. A pool brush

To clean the walls and bottom of your pool, it is best to buy a pool brush.

The raised edges and rubber of the pool brush prevent scratches on the walls and edges of the swimming pool. The liner of your pool is immediately immaculate again!

Une brosse de piscine

4. Pool thermometer

Do you dislike cold water? With a pool thermometer that’ll become a thing of the past. Check the temperature before your bomb or somersault and you won’t get a chilly surprise.

Thanks to the fun variations, your little water rats are also instant fans of a pool thermometer!

Here I would add a list of pool thermometers.

Mega Pool thermometer - 2 turtles
Mega Pool thermometer - 2 turtles
9,00 €
  • Thermometer in the form of two turtles
Mega Pool thermometer - 2 turtles
Mega Pool thermometer - Goldfish
thermometer - Goldfish
9,00 €
  • Thermometer in the form of a goldfish
Thermometer in the form of a goldfish
Mega Pool floating thermometer
Top seller
floating thermometer
9,95 €
  • Thermometer for pools
Thermometer for pools
Mega Pool thermometer - Small whale
Small whale thermometer
9,00 €
  • thermometer in the form of a small whale
thermometer in the form of a small whale
Mega Pool thermometer - Frog
thermometer - Frog
9,00 €
  • Thermometer in the form of a frog
Thermometer in the form of a frog

5. Chlorine float

You need sufficient chlorine in your pool to keep your pool water in balance. 

A chlorine float floats on the surface of the pool and dissolves the chlorine tablets. Essential for your pool!

6. Little bomb

Once your pool is spick and span, there is of course also room for fun things. Think of a game of volleyball or a diving competition.

And a unicorn or orca drifting across the pool to finish it off!

Can’t wait to dive into your swimming pool this summer? Then opt for worry-free swimming pool maintenance by ordering your pool accessories from our webshop!

Opblaasbare Eenhoorn | Kerlis
Opblaasbare Eenhoorn
29,00 €
  • Stijlvolle zwemband
  • Mee met de laatste trends
  • Comfortabel en kwaliteitsvol
Hippe, comfortabele zwemband
Opblaasbare Flamingo | Kerlis
Opblaasbare Flamingo
27,00 €
  • Originele zwemband
  • Comfortabel en kwalitatief
  • Ideaal om te ontspannen
Originele zwemband in flamingo-thema
Kerlis Volleyball Net – up to 7 m wide
Top seller
Kerlis Volleybal net – tot 7m breed
Kerlis Volleybal net – tot 7m breed
Monster diving sticks
Monster diving sticks
18,50 €
  • 4 monster diving sticks
  • Stand upright on the pool bottom
4 monster diving sticks
Beach Ball | Watermelon
Beach Ball | Watermelon
15,00 €
  • Beautiful design
  • Large beach ball: 35 cm
  • Made from 0.2 mm thick PVC
  • Ideal for the beach/swimming pool
Large beach ball