Why a summer cover is a must for your swimming pool

Summer cover

Why a summer cover is a must for your swimming pool

During the summer, you’ll want to make as much use of your swimming pool as possible. And you’d naturally prefer spending more time in the water than carrying out tedious maintenance tasks.

A summer tarpaulin can reduce swimming pool maintenance to a minimum and offers a number of additional advantages. We’ve listed the key benefits below.


Temperatures can plummet at night, even after a hot summer’s day. The temperature of the water in your swimming pool will also drop a few degrees as a result. A summer tarpaulin provides an insulating effect that better protects your water against the cold during the night. The water consequently cools less quickly, enabling you to enjoy your morning dip to the max!

Protection from dirt and debris

A summer tarpaulin also protects your swimming pool from dirt. It actively prevents leaves, dust and any other undesirable debris from entering the water.

Reducing water evaporation

In addition to insulation and protection from dirt, a summer tarpaulin offers a third benefit. Covering the water with a summer tarpaulin demonstrably reduces evaporation. This means that you needn’t refill your swimming pool as frequently, thus saving you money.

Extending the efficacy of your maintenance products

Sunlight shines directly onto the water in your swimming pool, rapidly degrading the effectiveness of your swimming pool maintenance products. A summer tarpaulin prevents the sun's UV rays from directly hitting the water.

This will slow down the degradation of the chlorine and allows you to save on the purchase of chlorine products!