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Pool robots

These pool robots are all from the brand Dolphin, because they are of an outstanding quality to which other manufacturers can only aspire. With a Dolphin pool robot you are always getting the very best technology for cleaning your swimming pool.

The principle of these pool robots is as simple as it is ingenious. Once you have lowered the automatic pool cleaner into the pool, it will first always explore the pool. Always make sure that nothing is lying on the bottom, to avoid problems.

During this exploratory phase the pool robot scans the pool, before getting to work. In a cycle time of 2 to 3 hours, it will clean the entire pool, moving over the bottom of the pool in a criss-cross pattern. However, the robot pool cleaner knows precisely what it is doing, and afterwards the pool is perfectly clean.

This electric pool cleaner has excellent brushes. Other websites often talk about different types of brushes. However, the brushes on our pool robots are suitable for any surface: mosaic, liner, polyester, bare concrete, etc. This automatic pool cleaner can tackle any job.

The differences between the various models:

Dolphin Bio Suction swimming pond robot is mainly suited to swimming ponds. This automatic cleaner has been programmed and developed to cope with even the largest debris. Attention, it is still advisable not to use this pool cleaner to clean uneven surfaces. This Dolphin pool cleaner can cope with pools up to 15 m in length and cleans swimming ponds in 2 to 4 hours.

The automatic Dolphin M4 pool cleaner is the ‘smallest’ model we offer. It is important to know that this pool cleaner spends 80% of its cleaning time cleaning the bottom. As a result, the walls may not always be cleaned all the way to the top. Now we consider a clean bottom more important than cleaning the walls, since the dirt sinks more easily to the bottom there. Any other residues of dirt can always be removed with a brush.

This pool cleaner needs 2 to 3 hours to clean the entire pool, and can cope with pools up to 14 m in length.

The Dolphin Supreme M5 is the big brother of the M4. Contrary to what is often claimed, this robot cannot clean a longer pool than the M4. The difference lies in the technology. Whereas the M4 only has standard cleaning, with the Dolphin Supreme M5 you can schedule different tasks. For example, you can have the pool robot begin its cleaning later.

With this automatic pool cleaner, you can also choose the cleaning cycle: short (1.5 hours), medium (2.5 hours) or long (3.5 hours). It goes without saying that a longer cleaning cycle is more thorough than a short one. However, a thorough clean is not always needed. You can also choose to only do the floor or walls, for example. In other words, you hold the reins of the pool robot.

Do not use these pool robots when starting up the pool after the winter. It makes more sense to save the robot and perform manual cleaning after the winter. These automatic pool cleaners are mainly suited to making daily maintenance easier.

These pool robots also contain filters, and we recommend always using coarse filter cartridges for outdoor pools. The fine filters are mainly suited to indoor pools, as they can become clogged with the coarser dirt outdoors.

Do you have questions about these models? Then do not hesitate to contact us!