Dolphin Echo E20 Pool robot

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  • Highly compact pool cleaner
  • Outstanding price-quality ratio
  • Recommended pool length: 9m
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  • Highly compact pool cleaner
  • Outstanding price-quality ratio
  • Recommended pool length: 9m


This swimming pool robot is the new Dolphin series basic swimming pool robot. The complete series has some notable improvements over the previous Dolphin M series (Dolphin M4, Dolphin M5,…).

The first is its weight. This Dolphin E20 swimming pool robot weighs just 6.5 kg (dry/empty). This makes these robots even more user-friendly and easier to use.

The addition of the ‘Fast Fix - Easy Repair’ system means this compact swimming pool cleaner is much simpler to repair.

This swimming pool cleaner also allows you to quickly and easily drain all the water from the robot. This makes it lighter to carry.

Take a look at the operating instructions:

Benefits of Dolphin swimming pool robots:

  • Extra stability: power stream mobility system
  • Navigation system: patented CleverClean Pool Coverage to clean the entire swimming pool
  • Designed for Fast Fix- Easy Repair
  • Twist Prevention System: prevents cable from twisting

Drawbacks compared with S200 and S300i

As this Dolphin swimming pool robot is a real bargain, it lacks a number of advantages which are present in the S200 and S300i models. These are summarised below:

  • No week timer with which you can program the weekly cleaning cycle
  • Does not clean the waterline
  • No caddy or storage system (only with s300i)
  • Only standard cleaning program (more programs only with s300i)
  • No indicator LED on the back (only with s300i):

Blue = automatic program, green = control with smart phone or remote control

  • No Bluetooth and smart phone app (only with s300i)

Filter system:

The Dolphin E20 features the unique and convenient basket: to clean the filter cartridges, just click them out of the basket.

The only active brush turns at twice the speed of the robot, ensuring even better cleaning by filtering more small debris.

The scanning program means the floor is cleaned within 1.5 hours!

Technical Specifications

Recommended pool length
10 m
Cleaning time
6.5 kg
2 year warranty except for wear parts (such as bearings, filters, brushes, belts, swivel, ...).
Energy-saving transformer; 1 ‘Active’ brush; Twist Prevention System; Control panel
Bottom and sides
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