Aquareva pool water inlet in Adria blue

31,45 €
  • Adjustable pool water inlet nozzle
  • Can be used on liner & mosaic pools
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  • Adjustable pool water inlet nozzle
  • Can be used on liner & mosaic pools


The Aquareva wall bushing and inlet nozzle are designed to the latest technological innovations and guarantee quality and reliability. These Adria blue inlet nozzles can be used on liner, mosaic and concrete swimming pools. When you buy this product, you can install it right away as both the inlet head (inlet nozzle) and the inlet flange (wall bushing) are included in the price.

The Aquareva Adria blue inlet nozzle returns the water to the pool. It is important to place these water inlets right opposite the skimmers to ensure optimum filtration of the swimming pool. The skimmers suck up the water again, and after filtration the nozzles of the inlets again pump the water into the swimming pool.

This inlet for swimming pools is manufactured in France and complies with the stringent legislation in place in France. This inlet is available in different colours through this webshop:
Antracite grey, beige, grey, light blue and white.

All the technical information is given in the technical data sheet.

Technical Specifications

10 cm
50 mm
To be installed
Approx. 30 cm below the coping
UV-resistant ABS plastic
Adria Blue
31,45 €