DPD n°3 Rapid spare pills Lovibond (100 pcs)

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  • DPD n°3 Rapid spare pills Lovibond
  • Measure total chlorine
  • 100 pieces
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  • Reservepilletjes voor manuele Lovibond testers
  • Meet totale chloor
  • 100 stuks per verpakking


The DPD n°3 Rapid spare pills are suitable for the Lovibond manual testers such as the DPD and pH analysis set Lovibond. Thanks to these pills, you measure the total chlorine value of the water. This product contains 100 pellets. 1 pill is good for one measurement. 

Check the chlorine level of your water regularly, preferably weekly. The ideal value is between 1 and 2 mg per litre of water (> 1ppm and < 2 ppm). You raise the chlorine level by adding a chlorine tablet or chlorine granules for a quick effect.

Technical Specifications

100 stuks per verpakking
Meet totale chloor
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