Oxidan chlorine tablets 5 kg

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  • Continuous chloration
  • Contents 25 tablets of 200g
  • Only for private pools
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  • Continuous chloration
  • Contents 25 tablets of 200g
  • Only for private pools
  • Use biocides safely. Before use, read the label and product information.


Eur-o-tabs is a slow dissolving, stable and scale-free chlorine product. These chlorine tablets can be used to sanitize a pool and rid it of algae and bacteria. Eur-o-tabs chlorine tablets prevent impurities in the water.

Suitable only for private swimming pools.

Technical Specifications

Weight of 1 chlorine tablet
Not compatible with an ionisator or an automatic dosing unit


Before you add the chlorine tablets, check the pH value of your water, which should be between pH 7.2 and 7.6. If necessary, add pH-min or pH-plus.

Using the skimmer or a floating dispenser, add 1 Eur-o-tab per 30 m³ pool water. Preferably open the pack in open air and do not just throw the chlorine tablets into the water, as they may cause stains on the lining of your pool. Instead, place them in the skimmer basket or in a floating dispenser.

Always filter the water after you have added the chlorine. This will make the chloring more effective.

Check the chlorine content of your water at regular intervals, preferably weekly. The ideal value lies between 1 and 2 mg per litre water (> 1 ppm and < 2 ppm). Use one of our test kits to perform this check.

The dosages of the chlorine tablets depend on the use and temperature of the swimming pool. Weather conditions and the location of the pool may also play an important role.

Follow the safety instructions and keep the product away from children.

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