How to experience the ideal staycation?

How to experience the ideal staycation?

How to experience the ideal staycation?

More and more people are choosing a holiday at home. As many as 45% of Belgians even regularly choose to do so. How do you make that staycation a pleasant time? With the help of our tips!

Create a holiday feeling at home

Just do whatever you want! That’s what a holiday is all about in the end. Leave the housework for a week, take your favourite book or magazine and enjoy your garden and pool from your hammock.

Create a holiday feeling at home

Pleasant garden lighting and mood music can also promote a holiday atmosphere. With this Kooduu you have two-in-one. You can also keep a bottle of wine cool in it!

Besides a classic hammock, you can also opt for a hanging chair. Easier to sit in and a real eye-catcher for your garden.


Set an automatic reply

Set your automatic reply and read as few emails and messages as possible. You are not obliged to reply immediately to every message. Take the time to relax completely.

Plan as little as possible and live a day at a time. Carpe diem!

cocktail aan het zwembad met vrienden

Invite friends

To make things even more fun, you can invite friends or family to a barbecue or pool party. So take a quick look at the weather forecast and send the invite!

You can buy a table barbecue in our webshop. That way you can stay with your guests while barbecuing.

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Camping in the garden

Nothing is more fun than camping with the children in the garden on a warm summer night. It also ensures that real holiday feeling because you go outside your normal routine for a while.

Also invite some of the children’s friends. This immediately creates added atmosphere in the house. And, with a little luck, the children can go and camp with their friends. So you have another evening alone.

Camping also includes singing songs around the campfire and warming up marshmallows in our fire pits or fire baskets!

Hold your own film festival

If you like films, then you should definitely try this tip! Find a (white) wall to project a film onto with a beamer. Settle down in your hammock, hanging chair or in your rubber ring and enjoy your film while floating in the pool.

With the help of an inflatable floating bar you can enjoy your snacks and drinks while in your pool.


Pamper yourself and your family

Had enough visits from friends? Then take time for your family. Get different kinds of fruit that you wouldn’t normally buy and enjoy a healthy snack at home. Go on a trip and play at being a tourist in your own country.

If you like bringing out your inner child, you can also play water games in the afternoon. Water pistols, water balloons, diving rings or a rubber ring, you don’t need much more to have a great afternoon.

Using the above tips, it won’t take long to fill up that week’s holiday! Start planning your next staycation!