Poolline Flocculant 5 l

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  • Liquid flocculant
  • The result: clear pool water
  • Contents: 5 l
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  • Liquid flocculant
  • The result: clear pool water
  • Contents: 5 l


Poolline Flocculant is a maintenanceproduct for your swimming pool that allows all the small dirt particles in the water to settle. All of the dirt then lands on the floor of your swimming pool.

Your vacuum cleaner then does the rest, so that you have clear water again.

Technical Specifications

Manual dosage
20 ml per 1000 l of pool water


  1. Flocculant is added undiluted to the water to be treated.
    1. Constant dosage: 0.1 to 0.5 g per m³ of pool water
    2. Manual dosage: 20 ml/1 m³ of pool water
  2. First filter for 4 hours to allow the product to spread evenly
  3. Then switch off the filter overnight
  4. All of the dirt will settle on the bottom of your swimming pool and can be removed using a pool vacuum cleaner.
  5. Repeat after 1 month
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