Flovil Flocculant - 12 tablets

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  • To make your swimming pool water clear
  • 12 tablets Flovil Flocculant
  • Dosage: 1 tablet per 80m³ fortnightly
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  • To make your swimming pool water clear
  • 12 tablets Flovil Flocculant
  • Dosage: 1 tablet per 80m³ fortnightly


Flovil flocculant tablets increase the filter's capacity to filter finer particles and so clarify the swimming pool water. This flocculant is compatible with all types of water treatment (with or without chlorine).

Flovil flocculant tablets work using a coagulant and a polymer. It was the first product to use this for water treatment in private swimming pools. This makes the flocculant very efficient.


  • Improves the filtration of both sand filters and filter cartridges
  • Prevents the filter from becoming blocked
  • Reduces the use of chlorine and anti algae products
  • Compatible with all types of water treatment
  • Lower energy consumption: with these flocculant tablets you won't have to run your filtration system as frequently.
  • You can see the effect after just a few hours
  • No detrimental effects on swimmers

The flocculant tablets use electrostatic attraction to make the smallest dirt particles* stick together. These dirt particles then form a sediment that can be filtered out by the filter. Without the flocculant, they would not be picked up by the filter.

* earth, dust, acid rain, algae spores and other organic substances

Technical Specifications

Blister pack containing 9 tablets
11 grams per tablet
1 tablet per 80m³ fortnightly


Permanent: Put 1 tablet of Flovil flocculant per 80 m³ into your pool's skimmer every 14 days.

After the winter, if there has been heavy rainfall or frequent use of the swimming pool or if the water is "cloudy", you can put 3 flocculant tablets into the skimmer basket. This will remove any green or brown coloration from the water.

Flovil safety precautions

Irritant: Keep out of the reach of children! Risk of severe damage to eyes. Avoid contact with the eyes and skin. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label.

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