Everything about the latest Dolphin M700 pool robot

Dolphin M700

Find out everything about the latest Dolphin M700!

Summer is coming and that means everyone is in full swing getting their pools ready for summer. Cleaning the pool is of course part of this. In addition to scoop nets, brushes and sponges, you can now use the newest Dolphin M700 to clean your pool.

As experts in pool maintenance, we want to bring you up to speed on this newest pool robot. In this blog, we will explain everything about the M700.


Dolphin pool robots guarantee quality and luxury. Manufacturer Maytronics has been producing these pool robots for years and also at zwembad.be we are very satisfied with them. On our website you can find many other models of Dolphin robots.

Dolphin Supreme M400 Pool Robot
Willy's Choice
M400 dolphin Automatic pool robot
1.755,00 €
€ 1,555.00
  • Automatic pool cleaner
  • Suitable for pools up to 12 m in length
  • Suitable for all pool surfaces
  • Vacuums bottom and walls
Automatic pool cleaner
Dolphin M500 Robotic Pool Cleaner
Dolphin M500 Robotic Pool Cleaner
1.800,00 €
  • Automatic pool cleaner
  • Suitable for pools up to 18 m in length
  • Suitable for all pool surfaces
  • Vacuums bottom and walls
Dolphin M500 Robotic Pool Cleaner
Dolphin Echo S300i Smart Pool Robot
Top seller
Dolphin Echo S300i Smart
1.755,00 €
€ 1,499.00
  • Unique top quality swimming pool robot
  • Communicates with your Smart phone
  • 15 m maximum pool length
  • Ergonomic model
Unique top quality swimming pool robot
Dolphin M600 pool robot
Dolphin M600 pool robot
2.199,00 €
€ 1,699.00
  • The most complete pool robot
  • Cleans floor, walls and water line
  • With filter basket (suitable for all seasons)
  • Control via MyDolphin app (always online)
The best performing pool robot ever
Pool cleaner Dolphin M5 Bio Suction
Pool cleaner Dolphin Bio Suction
2.199,01 €
  • Automatic pool cleaner
  • For a clean swimming pond
  • Up to 15 m long
  • Scrubs both the floor and the walls
Automatic pool cleaner for a clean swimming pond

Functional discription M700

The Dolphin M700's function is to clean and scrub the pool. Thanks to its complete cleaning programs, the robot ensures that both the walls, bottom and waterline are cleaned. In turn, its quadruple brush ensures that both bacteria and algae are removed from your pool. The M700 also allows you to set your own time cycle in which the pool should be cleaned. Thanks to its advanced technology, the M700 always knows how to find all the dirty spots in your pool.

Control of the M700

Operating the Dolphin M700 is easy via the bluetooth remote control you get when you purchase the pool robot or with the MyDolphin App. This way, you can easily specify what the M700 should clean (bottom, walls and/or waterline) and how long the cleaning should take. Here you can choose a cleaning cycle of 1.5h - 2h or 2.5h. Then you can send the robot to the edge of the pool for easy removal.

Phone system

Multilayer filtration system

The M700 has a multi-layer filter system that uses a large filter basket in addition to filter cartridges. These filter cartridges are easy to install and rinse. So compared to many other robots, the M700 has a coarse and fine filter and not just one of two options. The large debris such as leaves is collected in the coarse filter. The fine debris then flows on to the fine filter. This way, your pool always looks spick and span.


The Dolphin M700 also features a swivel. This swivel is a special addition to the pool robots that keeps the power cable from getting tangled.


A pool robot must be easily portable. The Dolphin M700 weighs only 11.5kg, making it easy to move.


The M700 has a 3-year warranty period. However, this warranty is not valid on wear parts such as brushes, filters, swivel,...


The M700 also features a gyroscope. This allows the pool robot to always be which spots have been cleaned and which spots are still dirty. This way, your pool is always clean at the end of the cleaning.


The M700 can handle a lot of depths! In fact, this pool robot cleans pools with depths up to 5 meters! The minimum depth to use the M700 is 80 cm.


The M700 has a more than decent capacity. This pool robot can clean up to 17m³ per hour! Thanks to an 18m cable length, the M700 can also handle a lot of horizontal distances.

Built-in thermometer

Finally, we conclude with the, yes you read correctly, built-in thermometer function. The M700 has a handful of useful features, but we like to highlight the built-in thermometer function. Through this function, you can easily read the temperature of the water. 

Finally, we would like to inform you that the M700 is suitable for all types of built-in pools, but not for above-ground pools! 

Have fun swimming in your clean pool!