Blue Connect Plus - Salt

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  • Intelligent analysis device
  • Gives step-by-step plan to improve the quality
  • Measures pH, chlorine, temperature and conductivity
  • Also for salt electrolysis
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  • Intelligent analysis device
  • Gives step-by-step plan to improve the quality
  • Measures pH, chlorine, temperature and conductivity
  • Reliable measurements 24/7
  • Belgian manufacturer
  • Also suitable for salt electrolysis


Swimming pool maintenance can be complicated and as a swimming pool owner it can be hard to achieve good water quality. This Blue Connect Plus water-quality tester from Riiot Labs will help you with this maintenance. The device knows what the quality of the water is at any time of the day. But the Blue swimming pool tester goes even further. Blue Connect Plus also gives you a step-by-step plan to improve the quality of the water.


  • Discrete and intelligent design:
    • this blue water tester is suitable for all types of swimming pool
  • Connected:
    • Via Sigfox = French technology that allows it to work without a good internet connection
    • Via Bluetooth
  • Via advanced technologies, reliable measurements 24/7
  • Sustainable design:
    • The battery and the sensor last for up to 1.5 years
    • Replacing this battery and sensor is child's play
  • Blue Connect Plus measures the 4 most important parameters for swimming poolwater quality using just 1 sensor:
    • pH level
    • ORP (Redox) = chlorine level
    • Temperature
    • Conductivity
  • Easy to use:
    • Clear information:
      You can monitor the quality of the water and keep track of the weather forecast in real time with just 1 app.
    • Saves time and money:
      The Blue's App guides you through maintenance with a simple step-by-step plan. As a result, you will use much fewer chemical products.
    • Timely reports:
      Blue Connect Plus helps you to maintain your pool by sending you specific notifications via the App.

Blue Connect Plus is the ultimate analysis device for your pool, giving you constant peace of mind. This device will help you to stop your water turning green and gives you 24/7 access to all the information you need.

This measuring device makes all the difference, especially thanks to its excellent monitoring. If one of your levels is not correct, the Blue by Riiot analysis device will give you a complete step-by-step plan. So you will never be unsure about the quality of the water in your swimming pool and you can enjoy it worry free!

The Blue Connect Plus doesn't just take into account the levels in the pool, the analysis device also keeps track of the weather forecast for your region. Every swimming pool owner receives a forecast tailored to their pool.

With Blue you will save on maintenance costs

The blue swimming pool tester prevents corrosion, limescale deposits, excess chlorine and other issues that can damage the pool. This is thanks to the intelligent notifications you receive through the App.

With better water quality you will need much fewer maintenance products. Blue Connect Plus is therefore a cost-effective investment that you will recoup over time.

The Blue Connect Plus also takes care of your family. With better water quality you won't suffer from skin, eye and/or nose irritations or damage to your hair.

The Blue by Riiot sensor

The sensor that has been developed by Riiot Labs can measure multiple parameters. In addition to the pH and active chlorine levels, the sensor also measures the temperature of the swimming pool water. The sensor has already been tried and tested over the last 10 years in numerous other applications.

The sensor in the Blue Connect Plus is extremely reliable. The level of reliability is as high as that required for measurements in healthcare settings and in the aerospace sector.

It was determined at the outset that the Blue Connect Plus should be suitable for use in all types of swimming pools. The analysis device will help you maintain any swimming pool regardless of size, shape or depth... This measurement tool can be used in both an Intex swimming pool or a concrete pool.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (LxW)
25 x 9 cm
Sensor measures
pH level, ORP (Redox) = chlorine, temperature and conductivity
Blue by Riiot, Storage cover, calibration kit and user manual
Bluetooth and Sigfox (free of charge)
24 months for the tester, 12 months for the calibration kit
To consult via
iOS, Android and website


  1. Download the App in the App Store (iOS) of via Google Play (Android). Search for 'Blue by Riiot'.
  2. Follow the instructions in the App and create a Riiot Labs account.
  3. Add your pool and give it a name. Localise your swimming pool and add in the corresponding parameters.
  4. Take the Blue water-quality tester and go to the parameters on your Blue by Riiot. Shake the Blue to exit transport mode. Once you have heard the sound signal, press on the measurement button.
  5. Hold the measuring device upright and unscrew the storage cap
  6. The App will ask for the sensor to be calibrated whenever it appears to be necessary
    1. Follow the instructions in the App
    2. Use the calibration products provided (supplied in the packaging)
  7. Press the rubber cap in place.
  8. Place the blue water-quality tester in the swimming pool
    1. Directly into the swimming pool
    2. In the skimmer
    3. In the swimming pool cover housing
    4. Continue: connect the blue to the technical system.

Precautionary measures:

  • Protect the Blue by Riiot against frost and very high temperatures
  • Leave the sensors in a suitable liquid at all times

When you remove the Blue from the swimming pool, put the sensor back in the storage cover. For transport and storage, fill the storage cap with potassium chloride or swimming pool water. This will prevent the sensor from drying out.

Do not use demineralised water for storing the Blue by Riiot.

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