What are the costs for shipping to foreign countries (=outside Belgium)?

International shipment is an expensive undertaking. This is why we are unable to realise our desired free shipping rate outside of Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. In those countries, we can deliver your items for no extra costs if your order amounts to more than €50 (including VAT).

For international shipments, different rates apply per country. These rates are not affected by the total amount of the order.

Country of destination

Transportation costs


€ 9.95

* We only ship to mainland France, not to islands or overseas areas.

At present, we are only able to deliver to the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France. We are furthermore limited to mainland France. We are unfortunately unable to serve any overseas territories and islands, such as Corsica.

Do you have any questions about our international shipments? Please contact us at webshop@swimmingpools.be or fill out the contact form on our webpage. You can also reach us via social media. So feel free to ask your question via Facebook or Twitter!

Why are deliveries abroad more expensive?

We are charged higher transportation costs for international deliveries. Nevertheless, we try our best to keep the delivery costs as low as possible. That is why we pay half the transportation costs for international deliveries ourselves. If there were any way we could reduce the delivery costs, we would not hesitate for a moment.

If you have any questions concerning your international deliveries, you can always send us an email at webshop@swimmingpools.be. You can also contact us by using the contact form on the webpage or via our social media channels Facebook and Twitter.

Are all products eligible for international delivery?

Since our orders are limited to Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and France (except overseas territories and islands such as Corsica) we can ship almost all products to these places.

Even our chemical cleaning products pose no problem in terms of international delivery. Although these products may only be shipped in limited quantities, as a consumer you will never place an order that exceeds these limits.

The only restriction applies to the Zodiac heat pumps. Since these are delivered directly by our supplier, we can sell these only in Belgium.

If you have any questions regarding the international delivery of a product, please contact us via the email address webshop@swimmingpools.be. You can also contact us by using the contact form on the webpage of the online store or through our social media channels Facebook and Twitter.

How will I be kept informed of the delivery of my order?

Have you placed an order through the online store? Then we will send you an order confirmation and we will keep you informed via email. That way you are always up-to-date and you have the assurance that we have received your order properly.

To make sure all orders in the online store are processed smoothly, we have developed partnerships with several courier services, including B-Post. They are responsible for the shipment of your parcel and will inform you about the status of the shipment. This way you will always know exactly where your package is. If you have any further questions regarding the shipping or delivery time of your order, you can always reach us at webshop@swimmingpools.be, via the contact form on this website, or via our social media channels (Facebook & Twitter).